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  1. J

    Best Girl

    Tulsa is beautiful. I know that you will do fairly well once she matures a bit. Can't wait to see her grow.
  2. J

    Pilot is reppin'

    Pilot is such a handsome boy. Your friend is such a good photographer. Great photo!
  3. J

    Proud of Lancer.

    Lancer is such a handsome dog. Congratulations on your training sessions. Lancer seems like he belong to the environment. Nice pictures!
  4. J

    A day at the dog park

    The first thing that you will notice is that he blends into the environment. He belongs he he he. Just kidding. Anyway, he is looking great and handsome.
  5. J

    Happy Birthday Brisbane!

    Happy Birthday Brisbane! Wow, 10 years and counting. Stay adorable as you are. Wish you good health!
  6. J

    Recent hike with Little Foot & Chomper.

    Little Foot is such an active and cute dog while copper is such a beauty. I like all their pics, especially the Pinecone snack break and the pic where Little Foot is trying hard to steal the Pinecone from Choper.
  7. J

    Afghan Hound Party!

    Happy birthday Sophie! They are such a beautiful dogs and they look like they're having fun in their Afghan Hound Party! I think dogs really like to have a party just like humans too.
  8. J

    Hike with puppy - and my appaloosa girl

    Such a beautiful place to have a good walk. Your puppy is so cute and Allie is so gorgeous. The peak is also a very nice spot to stay after a long walk.
  9. J

    Chloe's first hikes

    Chloe is so beautiful and looks like she's having fun. I love all her pics. She is such a photogenic and view is so pretty!
  10. J

    Enjoying a warm afternoon- a little of everyone

    They are really such a cute and very active dogs. They really enjoyed playing in the snow. Great photos!
  11. J

    Sighthound in disguise!

    The best action shots, especially his facial expressions. I know that he's having fun. I'm sure that you are one proud mum. I really love those pictures. +
  12. J

    Disappointed and feeling kinda hopeless.

    I also have the same situation. Good thing I found this helpful thread. I am a new bird lover/owner. I will try all these advises.
  13. J

    Zeeba and the Dobes

    Zeeba is such an adorable visitor of yours. She is such an active dog. Kaylee and Poison are so gorgeous. I wish I have a visitor just like Zeeba.
  14. J

    Does your dog like strangers?

    Max does not like strangers that is why I always put a sign outside my house to beware strangers from going inside my yard.
  15. J

    RIP Dingo, what a bizarre day

    What a sad experience. RIP Dingo. I'm sorry for your friend's loss. I know how your friend felt right now.
  16. J

    Lancer on a hill! :D

    Lancer is such a handsome boy. He also has a very shiny fur. The tennis ball is an evidence that he really likes to play ball.
  17. J


    Magnum is such a handsome dog. Good thing you have shared his pictures. I like all his photos especially the picture with the ball in his mouth. Thanks for sharing.
  18. J

    Elsie is amazing.

    Wow you got a lot of ribbons, Elsie. She is really beautiful. Maybe you got your ribbon because you charmed them?Kidding...Congrats to both of you! I really like the 2nd pic.
  19. J

    How are Your Dogs With Kids?

    My dog Max likes kids so much. He loves my nephew who is 5 years old. Max loves to play with him and he also likes to hug and kiss. He would rather spend time with my nephew than spend time with me but it's okay.
  20. J

    Are you happy with your breed/dog choice?

    I am happy with Max, he is a chocolate Labrador. He is a challenge to me sometimes but I love him very much. I can't imagine my life without him by my side. By the way, I got him as a birthday present .