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  1. Beret

    Feeling guilty about not adopting

    Nope. And wanting a dog from lines with known health & temperament histories is a perfectly "legitimate" reason to want a well-bred dog. That's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to adopt, that's great! If you want to go the responsibly-bred route, that's great too! You should go...
  2. Beret

    How do you feel about strangers petting your dog?

    I'm not crazy about it, at times. Others, it's fine. It depends on the context. If my dog(s) and I are out for exercise or training, no. I don't want to be bothered. If we're out at a restaurant, event, etc., then I don't mind. Provided they ask first. I've been known to get EXTRA snarky when an...
  3. Beret

    Dog stank in the car

    Anyone know of any good car air freshener things that help neutralize dog smell? I would prefer to not ride around with the lingering odor of Garp fart, but all 3 odor things I've tried are almost worse. Tried two "new car" vent clips and they just smell like gummy bears and candy puke... And...
  4. Beret

    Fabulous Weekend

    Thanks! And because we're insane... Just decided today that we're packing up again and heading to Kansas City Friday evening. ...I haven't even unpacked yet. Traveling with 6 dogs and 3 people this time. Yikes.
  5. Beret

    Fabulous Weekend

    Thanks guys :) Here are a couple I've wrangled:
  6. Beret

    Fabulous Weekend

    We were in Novi over the long weekend for an AKC cluster, and had a wonderful time. Garp worked his ass off for me all weekend. We jumped with NADD for the first (and last) time, and started and finished his DS title. He also finished his RATI and RATN over the weekend and started working toward...
  7. Beret

    Your Dogs and Cats

    Garp doesn't do cats. Well, he would LOVE to encounter more cats but... A stray came into my yard a couple months ago. It was over in about 15 seconds. I did my part and scanned for a chip, checked all the lost pet listings for the following weeks, etc, but found nothing. I had it cremated...
  8. Beret

    Acepromazine & Performance

    I think trazodone will the next option to try.
  9. Beret

    Acepromazine & Performance

    As the day went on, he seemed to peak and get MORE frazzled before he crashed. We've done melatonin. Including the time before the last dog trip from hell. Benadryl stresses him more too. Blah. We are playing ALL TEH CRATE GAMEZ in the 36" hard side while we try to work something out. We...
  10. Beret

    Acepromazine & Performance

    Harumph. Did our test dose today while he's kenneled at the clinic. Did 2 mg alprazolam (~.03 mg/lb). No noticeable effect, maybe slightly less edgy but still very vocal in the back runs. Going to give it a couple more hours, then talk about adjusting the dose or going back to the drawing board.
  11. Beret

    Fable Pictures + Some Gushing

    She is LOVELY!
  12. Beret

    Has your dog ever donated blood??

    We actually just went in for the preliminary exam and blood typing last Monday. Results should be back next week and if he's the universal type, Garp will be donating with TCABB.
  13. Beret

    Favorite go to food?

    Jimmy Johns. There's an app for ordering. It suits my laziness quite well. Now I'm drooling.
  14. Beret

    Sighthound in disguise!

    A few more of the crazy bullmutt mowing down plastic bags with the best of 'em. He finished leg 6 of 10 toward his CAA title.
  15. Beret

    I did it!

    It has been a busy weekend :)
  16. Beret

    I did it!

    I've been working on the design for this for a while and... today it came together. It's a latigo leather french martingale and I'm really thrilled with how it turned out.
  17. Beret

    Would your SO know what size/style to buy?

    Totally wrong thread I posted in... Ushhhh
  18. Beret

    Would your SO know what size/style to buy?

    Garp is just a giant combative jerk face all the time. But we've done enough impulse control where he can be in close proximity on leash and still be polite.
  19. Beret

    Acepromazine & Performance

    So... We're doing a trial dose of alprazolam this Sunday.
  20. Beret

    I did it!

    Drawn, carved, tooled, dyed, detailed, and waiting to be attached to a collar base :)