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  1. Renee750il


    You may have the best signature of all time :D
  2. Renee750il

    And . . . Here we go again . . .

    Seems they had to work some bugs out, so we went back on the old server. They're going to try making the move again Monday.
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    We're Moved . . .

    Some of you have probably noticed there are a few things missing and a few things that seem to be coming from the other side of the Looking Glass. They're working on it.
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    Old Christmas Traditions

    So. Krampus. THAT'S who brings that special holiday PMS . . .
  5. Renee750il

    Ever teach your dog something that wasn't such a great idea?

    Like the time I thought it would be fun to teach Tallulah to chase my feet under the covers? Not quite the same thing as a cat chasing them, ya know? :doh:
  6. Renee750il

    All in how you interpret it

    From Bob :lol-sign:
  7. Renee750il

    Where is SarahHound?

    It's been far too long since we've seen her leggy crew :(
  8. Renee750il

    On the road, or just in the barking lot?

    Well, this is one way to show people that rescue dogs can be trained! This would be a very...
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    Will Santa have to be sanitized and become PC and start laughing "HA HA HA" someday? Or will he stay hardcore and keep the "HO HO HO?"
  10. Renee750il

    Curious . . . 'Doodles and 'Poos

    Some of the names I see on bumper stickers . . . But I do have a question: Doesn't the 'poo name for a Shih Tzu X Poodle cross just sound a bit . . . well, REDUNDANT???? :lol-sign:
  11. Renee750il

    When you're not paying attention

    and you hear things wrong, ads are way more interesting. Like the Old Navy one that was just on, the one set in the scene where Chevy Chase is plugging in the Christmas lights on the outside of the house. I heard it, "Old lady hotpants make the holiday more colorful." Ummm . . . yeah...
  12. Renee750il

    Watched most of the Dog Show tonight . . .

    And WOW! Is it just me or were there some truly tubby dogs in the ring? Kady's Sako makes that AmStaff look like . . . an out of shape couch potato, and the ACD -- butterball, much? Even the Dane looked puffy. The Iggy looked positively smooth :(
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    Rotten PM Spam

    You guys are all too savvy to fall for it, but we've got a rash of spammers PMing, running scams looking for money with various stories of disabled/terminally ill children, etc. Assholes. Also fairly stupid, sending 'em to mods :doh:
  14. Renee750il

    Brattina & Maf!

    It's been way too long since the last Cocker photos
  15. Renee750il

    ? for SciFi/Dystopia readers

    Any of you read any of the Hannaria series by Patricia Gilliam? It's also published for Kindle.
  16. Renee750il

    Election Results

    Well, according to the live feed on Huffington Post, the electoral count is 275 Obama/203 Romney 270 electoral votes are required to win.
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    If You Need Help with a Thread/Post

    And you message one of us, it would really help if you'd include a link to the thread or post, please? Not pointing at anyone, I promise, and if you forget it's not the end of the world (we can usually figure out what you're talking about, it can just take some time, and we might get it...
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    Hot sauce!

    I just finished making two quarts of habanero sauce. Tallulah just could not understand why I didn't let her clean out the saucepan :rofl1:
  19. Renee750il

    Yes, Chazzers are ahead of the trends

    One of the new shows on the Bravo network schedule is about . . . . . . drum roll . . . LOLCats.
  20. Renee750il

    The "I'm So Proud of My Dog thread"

    The Good News thread in the FH made me think of it. Our dogs do things every day (well, MOST days ;) ) that make us proud, so share 'em here :) Today, Tallulah, who does NOT come off something she is after, being incredibly focused (or obsessive, take your pick) hit a milestone...