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  1. AndrewF


    Went for a walk down a trecherous stair-case, Stone-stepped in a frozen river and probably should have broken my neck 3 or 4 times this morning/afternoon. I think it was worth it :D david street bridge by Andrew Faires, on Flickr
  2. AndrewF

    Happy New Year!

    Hey all, Just thought I'd wish everyone nothing but the best for the new year. Cheers, Andrew
  3. AndrewF


    Time catches up to everyone at some point or another. For Rhys, that time came today. Rhys was 13 as of his "official" birthday(ie, somewhere close to, so we assigned it) April 1st - a fitting day for him. Unfortunately, he had a hard life. He had trouble with one of his hind legs when Lorri...
  4. AndrewF

    I said goodbye to an old friend last week...

    I used to photograph a lot of birds, but over the last year or two I've gone more towards the landscape end of things. Looking at my kit, my telephoto went from being my most used lens to hardly being used at all. As a result, I decided to let her go and get a new wide-angle lens which better...
  5. AndrewF

    Church of our Lady

    Decided to take the afternoon off work today and popped by the Catholic church to take some photos. These are just two of many from today, and I think I'll be going back next week to do some more shots in there. Here's the interior of the Church of our Lady: Here's one of the stained...
  6. AndrewF

    One last group from my trip....

    One last group of shots from the trip: Here's one of the small rock islands that I saw pretty much every day I was in Pukaskwa. This is the same lookout (with only a slightly different framing) as one of the shots in my first thread. This was shot the day before and with the overcast...
  7. AndrewF

    Algonquin Provincial Park

    As I mentioned in my first thread, I had mostly seen in this shot: This was on the same trail that Terry (the friend I met in Algonquin) ran into a bear (almost literally). The sun did poke out once in a while though... ...but sometimes not quite where I was standing ;)...
  8. AndrewF

    Killbear Provincial Park

    After a long drive south, I stopped off at Killbear provincial park. I ended up staying the night there before pressing on to Algonquin. And once I was done in Algonquin, I went back for one final afternoon. I think Killbear was the only park I went to where I didn't actually see the sun...
  9. AndrewF

    Andrew's road-trip, 2009

    Well, it was great while it lasted, but after 2 weeks of living in a tent, I've returned to comforts of home, wife, children and small zoo. This year I spent a few days along the shores of Lake Superior and a week in Algonquin Provincial Park. In spite of the fact the fall colour is...
  10. AndrewF


    Well, what did you think it would be, with a title like that? :D I'm not always taken with the local scenery as I've been here for 10 years and have pretty much been all around. However, once in a while everything comes together to make something that's "the same ol'" fresh and...
  11. AndrewF


    I got myself a new lens the other day. A fish-eye lens, to be exact. And like any self-respecting person who gets a fish-eye lens, you have to do the cliche 'dog-snout' photo. Unfortunately it was a little dark outside and Jake (being a darker dog) would have been a metering nightmare. As a...
  12. AndrewF

    The mighty hunter.....

    ....of Kongs:
  13. AndrewF

    Just a cloud

    Sometimes it pays to look east during the sunset.
  14. AndrewF

    A day out with the kids

    Well, me and the kids went for a day on Lake Erie. Long drive there, long drive back, but a lot of fun overall. We ended up at Turkey Point Provincial Park, at the day-use beach. The kids got to try their snorkel gear. Give a bone-head a weather-sealed camera, and see just how close...
  15. AndrewF

    Dekka (k-7 related)

    Just thought I'd pass along my thoughts on the k-7 so far. Keep in mind, I'm coming from a k10d, so some of the improvements I'm noticing, you might not. To give you a bit of background, I upgraded to the k10d from the DS2 a couple of years ago (pretty much right when the k10d was released...
  16. AndrewF

    Feed me. NOW!!!

    Playing around with my new toy and just happened across some willing subjects. This one isn't as sharp as I'd like, and I had to crop like crazy. However, I'm pleased I could keep up with this one. These suckers are fast! And a sunset - just because.
  17. AndrewF


    Three more from Algonquin Provincial Park last fall. I'm in the process of trying some new software and revisited these three landscapes, amongst others. Cheers! :)
  18. AndrewF

    Our reptilian herd (one feeding shot)

    Well, over the last year and a bit, I've discovered the joys of owning snakes. They're low maintenance, quiet and don't mind if you ignore them for a couple of days. I believe I've shown shots of two of our snakes before. Tiger and Cuddles are two of the original three. I'm leaving Tiger...
  19. AndrewF

    A lesson (computer related)

    Back up your data.....or you will be at the mercy of your vengeful children :D My father's computer pooched on him today. Not such a big deal for most of the year, but as a retired accountant who took over a tax business a few years back, this is the season he needs things to go smoothly...
  20. AndrewF

    Algonquin Provincial Park

    Well, in honour of the new photography forum, and because I haven't had a chance to post much lately, I thought I'd toss in a few shots I took last fall from Algonquin Provincial Park (and one from Kincardine). lake Opeongo Kincardine Lake Opeongo canoist The final shot Cheers