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  1. Whisper

    This "funny" video makes me so sad. That dog does not feel "guilty." She has no concept of why chewing up a bag of cat food is bad, even besides the fact that it's clearly been some time since she did it. She's scared.
  2. Whisper

    An accessory every dog needs!

    Should I get one for Fable? :p
  3. Whisper

    Your dog's name vs. nicknames(s)

    I recently realized when I'm interacting with my dogs I tend to call them their most commonly used nickname more often than their actual name, especially when playing. They both have lots of nicknames, but I use one more than the others. I call Millie "Mimi" (mee-mee, emphasis on second...
  4. Whisper

    Just a couple of Fable

    As some of you know Fable has been fighting a lung infection and although she's doing better, she's pretty subdued compared to her normal self. So these pics aren't exciting or anything, but since I haven't posted pics of her in like 6 months, I thought I'd post some updated ones. My poor sweet...
  5. Whisper

    Gah. Help me decide what to feed.

    I know there are a lot of posts about different brands on this forum, but I get so confused reading about how it's the best dog food brand evarrr, then another post about the food making a dog bleed out the eyes. Plus, a few years ago the 2 GF kibbles recommended the most were EVO and Natural...
  6. Whisper

    Millie pics and Fable's new collar (thanks to Equinox <3)

    No, they don't have mange. :rolleyes: Poor Fable looks gross because it took until she started really drying after her bath that I realized I hadn't rinsed all the shampoo from her head and the back of her ears. :o Anyway, later she got dunked back in the tub and rinsed properly. She hates me...
  7. Whisper

    Czechoslovakian Vlcak

    Does anyone have any experience with these dogs? I know they're very rare in many places, but even though I've never met one, I've kind of fallen in love with what I've seen and read about them. I emailed the only (well known) breeder in the US asking about them, but she even says on her page...
  8. Whisper


    I really want to confirm whether Fable has coyote in her or not. A genotype would be the test she'd need, right? Does anyone have any experience on where I can have this done and how much it might cost?
  9. Whisper

    Do you know people like this?

    By which I mean people who don't get their own dogs' gender right. Like someone I know who has two females; one she's had for almost 9 years, and she always, always calls both of them "he." She really, really loves her dogs, but. . .? :confused: My grandma occasionally calls her girl "he" but...
  10. Whisper

    The Assumption Song- how dirty is your mind?

    I got such a big kick out of this! :p Having trouble with the embedding, so there's the link.
  11. Whisper

    How do your dogs feel about photos?

    Are they camera shy? Complete hams? Millie isn't really a ham, but she usually has a smile for the camera. Fable, even when I bring out treats and toys, gives me a look that says she'd like for the ground to fall through, taking me and my camera with it. She would much rather run around than...
  12. Whisper

    A few pics of Fable, my wild child :)

    So I'm finally getting some pics up! Excuse her coat in most of them, she was air drying after a bath and hadn't been brushed yet. She's so grown up! Puppeh face: Now: I've always called Millie a "baby seal" because of how she looks when she's soaking wet and sad. Fable is picking up the...
  13. Whisper

    "How to Scare Food Lady in 5 Simple Steps" by Fable

    Step 1: Wait until Food Lady is looking at Chaz and not you. Step 2: Jump onto the kitchen counter and grab a box of cherry jello mix. Chew it thoroughly so your mouth is coated in red powder. Step 3: Hide the box. Step 4: Get her attention by spinning and squeaking. Step 5: Proceed to the water...
  14. Whisper

    Scare today with Fable

    I think I shall be joining the group of people who keep their dogs' collars off when they are home. This morning Fable was in her crate and partially dislodged the divider (I didn't have it set up straight). She was happy to be getting out for a morning pee and run, so was thrashing about...
  15. Whisper

    Christian chazzers. . .

    I need advice. How do I stop saying God's name in vain? Have any of you had to deal with that? Or really, any of you who've tried to stop swearing or using certain phrases for any reason? It's a pretty deeply engrained habit for me and I don't realize I'm saying "Oh my God!" or "Jesus Christ!"...
  16. Whisper

    Random Fable + Millie

    So, I wasn't going to post pics of skinny Fable because of the crap that was pulled on another member about her skinny but well loved and taken care of dog. But I decided, screw it, I'm going to post pictures of my puppy and the people who matter know I'm doing everything I can to put some meat...
  17. Whisper

    Does true honesty have to be brutal?

    I've seen a lot of people want to be blunt and don't want to sugarcoat things. That's cool. I try not to sugarcoat things, either. But in the past few years I've noticed an increase in people just being cruel and then if someone takes offense they're like, "TROLOLOL, sorry honey, I only tell...
  18. Whisper

    Does you dog react when you sing?

    So, yeah, I sing a lot. Humming, belting out random songs in my head. Millie wags her tail a little bit like she always does when I talk. But Fable. . .she bounces and jumps and paws me and barks. I'm not sure if she likes it or she's thinking, "OMG! STFU, my ears burn!" Should I be offended? :p...
  19. Whisper

    Fable update + pics

    So, Fable didn't get the best start in life. For those who don't remember she had coccidia and skin infections in her ears and on her belly, and she was starting to let lethargic. She was started to get on the side of emaciated with her ribs and hip bones jutting out. She stopped growing, which...
  20. Whisper

    Fable thinks she's a border collie

    I finally got pics of her being a cute little stalker. She was hunting a bug. :p I love the way she crouches and circles them. "Wut? Bugs haz good noms." "Iz a prancing pony!!" In this pic you can kind of see how icky her poor little ears are. :/ Incoming SRS puppeh! "Running with...