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    Are u superstitious, give some of them if u r

    i am very superst. like walking under a ladder. Putting up an umbrella inside. breaking a mirror means yrs bad luck if I spill slat, throw some over your shoulder when I vacume carpets in my rooms, i must do six times in one place. an apple a day keeps the docter away? step on a crack...
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    Flying in the mountains or skiing, fun fun

    Move your cursor over the screen, and you will have the impression, you are flying over the mountains. Aim the cursor arrow at a mountain top. Also, try moving it left to right. Get your Dramamine ready!
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    What Supplements, Vitamins, Whatever Do You:

    I did not see a Dog Health, so chancing to place this here and can be moved at mods needs. I am curious as to what you give your dogs or dog or puppy in vitamings, supplements and what good is it doing? Do you use flea-tick vials on your dog/dogs? Do you vet yearly for booster shots, why...
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    does anybody here make sigpics for members? How do I put one up I have a couple from other forum I was or am on but not going there, so want it here? Can u adivse me please? Thanks...pat:)
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    Nice to Meet All of You....

    Hello All Just signed up and want to share thoughts with you all. I have 7 adult Shepherds, one female pup of one week old. I import from Germany the West German LInes from titled parents. My dogs names are: gino, gillion with a sound of J., Sasha, Girle, Inko, Taza and Wini from...
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    I am just new to this forum. I would like to tell you I raise German Shepherds dogs from Germany and nice to meet you all.]