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  1. Hillside

    Dog daycare/boarding/groomers/trainers

    I know there are a decent amount of us here on this forum, and I thought this would be a good place to swap tips and tricks of the trade. Whether it is a policy your current place has or one you WISH they had, let's hear it. I am currently the general manager/trainer at a dog...
  2. Hillside

    How did you decide on YOUR breed?

    It's not a secret that most of us here have a set breed. Even a lot of the mixed breed owners prefer a certain type. When my ex and I got together, about a decade ago, I had originally wanted a Doberman. He wasn't much of a dog person, but didn't like Dobermans because he thought they were...
  3. Hillside

    Romantic comedies...

    I'm in a girly mood and want recommendations... AND GO!
  4. Hillside

    Saga is an old lady...

    She's SIX today? :eek: How the heck is my baby girl SIX?!?!?!?!
  5. Hillside

    Dear Adrianne, Stafinois and Shadowfacedane

    I don't know how to properly express how truly sorry I am for the losses you have suffered through this week, but I am going to try, though words are pretty much failing me right now. I never got a chance to meet Backup, Arnold, Grant or Hannah, but after so many years of hearing about them...
  6. Hillside

    Kastle is real!

    It's true. He is a real dog and way more stunning in real life. And Aikon? Also more adorable in real life and such a sweet pup. Oh yeah, FG167 is pretty darn cool, too. ;).
  7. Hillside

    Happy 5th Gotcha day Soggy pants!

    Yep, 5 years ago today, I met my heart and soul. She's my best girl and we've been through a lot together, my life would not have been the same without her in it.
  8. Hillside

    A year ago yesterday...

    I met Nico for the first time. Within the first 15 minutes, everybody, including me (even though I was in denial) knew he was my dog. ESPECIALLY him. I would leave the room and he would whine and search for me. Karissa, the woman who raised him from birth to 9 months(he was 13ish months when...
  9. Hillside

    I could use a miracle/missing dog

    Nico's sister Zoey has been missing since this morning. It's been very windy/snowy and cold all day. Please send some of those Chaz vibes our way right now.
  10. Hillside

    Happy birthday Nico!

    OMG! My boy turned two today! Granted, he has only been home since May, I can't imagine my house or life without this fuzzy (well compared to Saga) brown dog. He is SO much fun all the time. He is always down for whatever I want to do and is a total blast to train since he picks things up creepy...
  11. Hillside

    Stinky dog food?

    Ok, so I have recently been feeding Saga the new Merrick, which while she is doing great on it, she just isn't that into it. I got a free bag of the Castor and Pollux grain/poultry free and oh MY is it stinky. So of course she LOVES it. None of her usual grabbing of a mouthful, spitting it...
  12. Hillside

    Does fall do this to anyone else's dog?

    I don't know if it is the drop in temperature (though the last couple days have been 80 and he's been the same...) or what, but fall has turned Nico into a total crackhead. He's getting the same amount of exercise as normal, but he is FULL of **** and vinegar right now. Could a mod move...
  13. Hillside

    Does anyone want BABY Nico pics?

    Well, do you? I MAY have got some of those WEE baby brown dog pics emailed to me earlier...
  14. Hillside

    Oh Nico...

    SO ever since Nico has been on solid food, he has been on Natural Balance sweet potato and venison formula. He had a lot of stomach issues as a puppy and really a lot of issues, period. His dam was severely emaciated and malnourished when she gave birth to him and his littermates and was not...
  15. Hillside

    Who to blame when the Malinois/Belgians takeover the world

    Ok, so after my "malinois superpowers UNITE!" post in Maliraptor's thread in pics, I started getting worried about mals taking over the world, so if there IS a malinois takeover, I want to know who to blame... I then thought that there was no reason that the fuzzy Belgians would remain...
  16. Hillside

    This last week with Nico

    This last week with Nico, I have learned: that I enjoy having a crazy "bad" dog. that biting is a form of love. (Seriously, he flea bites me all the time and I do NOT have fleas.) that I am not allowed to move more than a foot or two without having a brown shadow. that abrupt, cold...
  17. Hillside

    Dear Malinois people

    Dear Malinois people, Is there a secret handshake that I need to know or do we identify each other by all the scrapes and bruises all over? Nico got me a good one when he was launching himself off the couch earlier. :rofl1:
  18. Hillside

    Introducing Nico

    Well as many of you know, Murray went to his forever home about a month and a half or so ago. He is with Ryan, my ex, who was Django's daddy. I had had Ryan in mind for Murmur pretty much from the get go, but since Django's passing was still pretty fresh, I hadn't gotten around to asking him...
  19. Hillside

    What do you keep your kibble in?

    I currently have a food bin that I got at Target a couple years back. It has an airtight/bug proof seal, but is pretty cumbersome and takes up a lot of space. When I get a second dog, they may or may not be on the same kibble and I will need to get another kibble container to store their food...
  20. Hillside

    Murray got new ears!

    Murray is very proud to announce that he is in the process of getting new ears. They have gone from this: to this: Not that it as visible in the first pic, but his ears keep going further up. His right ear has been going all the way up pretty often and the left one is catching up...