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  1. Shadow_Spitz

    This makes me very sad

    Well I feel sad for those that fall for this....
  2. Shadow_Spitz

    My friend suggested blogging

    Heh, I think that sums it up:hail: I love being on forums, however not all forums are the same some (no matter how hard you try) just don't seem to click with you. I've been thinking about blogging.... but I'm not too sure yet! (which isn't to say I'll stop posting on forums.)
  3. Shadow_Spitz

    Malakai & the girls- been a while

    Hey great pictures, very nice effects you added to the first two, I like it! Hehehe that last one of Freckles is AWESOME!
  4. Shadow_Spitz

    hello from sadie& bubba

    Hey there, welcome to Chaz, hope you like it here as much as we do! Have fun and see you around :D
  5. Shadow_Spitz

    Hi, from veterinarian, Dr. Marie

    Welcome to Chaz! I've met Vet techs on forums but I don't think I've met a vet... I'm sure you'll make a great member! Have fun :D
  6. Shadow_Spitz

    Ok this is just ridiculous...

    Hey its snow, I know exactly how you feel, living in Southern California I've never seen it snow either and about 5-6 years back it snowed (by our standards)! It was awesome and it was the coldest day I've ever experienced :D Enjoy your snow, and send me
  7. Shadow_Spitz

    WARNING: Fluffyness

    Thanks, I feel much better! I checked out Fozzie's dogster and yes he very much look like a msculine dog, maybe its only us dog people that can tell the difference? I dunno but people I meet may still ask if he's a girl or boy even AFTER I told them his name is J-U-N-I-O-R!!:rofl1: Hehe Zoom...
  8. Shadow_Spitz

    Puppies! Warning, cutness overload

    Awww who doesn't like puppy pictures! Thanks for sharing :D
  9. Shadow_Spitz

    Beagle puppies

    Oh my! I want one! Love the yawning picture....hehehe look at their tiny feet! Love them!:D :D
  10. Shadow_Spitz

    WARNING: Fluffyness

    Yes I wholeheartly agree....but does he look like a girl dog? Because if someone doesn't say that he's scary they ask "Whats her name?"....Why me!?!
  11. Shadow_Spitz

    Neuter/Spaying Giant Breed Dogs

    There may be other considerations though, heres a study conducted on Rotties... Although experimental and clinical evidence suggest that endogenous sex hormones influence bone sarcoma genesis, the hypothesis has not been adequately tested in an appropriate animal model. We conducted a...
  12. Shadow_Spitz

    English Class

    Ditto, I would take science over math and english any time. But I would take english over math too:rofl1: I always thought english was easy because even if you didn't quite get it you can still write stuff and make it sound meaningful, throw in a couple big AND sophisticated words here and...
  13. Shadow_Spitz

    zhu zhu pets

    Ha! Finally someone says they bite! People tell me they dont.... ya whatever I've had like 3 hamsters and when they are new they sure as heck bite! LOL, I don't know where you guys live but they don't seem to be that big of a fad here. I've seen them in the mall in the display halls and no...
  14. Shadow_Spitz

    Random Dane

    Hey those are great pics! Hehehe looks like my Junior in the morning...up until he starts pawing in the face to let him out! :rofl1:
  15. Shadow_Spitz

    Wii Fit!! Sooooo Fun!!!

    Well not to sure about about Wii Fit but I do know that me, my family and my friends family go all into the Sonic/mario Olympics game and even though it wasn't really supposed to be able exercise we really worked up a sweat!:D
  16. Shadow_Spitz

    At&t or tmobile?!

    Can't say about either of the two. Haven't really jumped from company to company, currently I'm with verizon and I like their service its good...except for this last stunt they pulled on me ended up with a HUGE bill (thats what I get from trying to use the net on my phone). I guess if its...
  17. Shadow_Spitz

    Lynn has upset belly!

    Could it be a stomach virus of some sort?:confused:
  18. Shadow_Spitz

    WARNING: Fluffyness

    Thanks! Lol little Junior gets that a lot... he looks all fluffy and wants to be hugged...well he gets that from dog people, others seem to think he's scary looking (Dunno what world they come from :rofl1:)
  19. Shadow_Spitz

    Dieting tips

    ....Not to sure about switching to raw to cure these issues...not to mention that #1 and #4 are false (but thats another topic ;))
  20. Shadow_Spitz

    Dog-sitting: Aura pictures

    Wow they are absolutely stunning! Love the effect on the first one.:D