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  1. DogKisses

    Sugar glider people!!!

    I think it's been a while since anyone has posted pics/updates. Get to it people! ;) I've wanted some for a while, we have friends that have 6 and they got me interested. I finally got my own two girls this week. 6-7ft PVC cage and everything except the proper diet. I went out and got the...
  2. DogKisses

    So Nora can't be a Pitty, give her a new breed.

    Just got a 30 days notice that we have to move. Lady who owns the house lives in NY and apparently has been job hunting in NC. She got a job now, and wants to move back into her house asap now. We just moved here 6 months ago. This is super fun with three dogs, trying to find a place to...
  3. DogKisses

    Tv Converter Box help!

    I am looking at getting a tv converter box (to get a few free channels), but it's all very confusing to me. Basically I have a older tv like this (the one in front lol): It has the standard red/white/yellow hook-ups...
  4. DogKisses

    How often do you feed organs?

    Raw feeders, do you feed liver/kidney/heart, every day? Or just 3ish days a week? I was thinking of just bagging the chicken/heart/liver/kidney/ect into single serving ziplock bags so that it is convenient for me to just unthaw 2 at a time... then realized that not everyone feeds organ...
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    Nora & Lacey

    I took these pics days ago, but I figured you guys wouldn't mind: <3 Embarrassed that I shaved her lol. Didn't want to do it, I freaking love her hair. She can't stand hot weather though. I know long hair is supposed to keep them cool too but when I take my...
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    Nors just targeted the cat....

    No, not in a bad way. ;) She was sitting next to the cat, who was laying on his back (begging for food & attention). Nora noticed me watching her and proceeded to put her front paw on the cat's face over and over (it didn't bother him until the 3rd time, then he rolled upright. He is very...
  7. DogKisses

    Best dog magazine?

    Dog fancy is too.... generic for my tastes, they never go in depth about anything. Does anyone have suggestions for a good dog mag, maybe even one for the sport/working crowd?
  8. DogKisses

    Happy 1st birthday Nora!

    Just wanted to post that Nora turned 1yr on the 7th. I didn't forget it, just haven't had time to post. I finally had her weighed at the office, she is 32lbs. :) ~4 months ago I saw Nora posted on craigslist. I tried to get her out of my mind, but failed miserably. One night I got it...
  9. DogKisses

    Nora's new racing jacket!

    Well, that's what it looks like anyways. lol. They didn't have any more coats in her size, this was the last one. Until they make more. I love that it covers way more than other coats. She's a tomboy, so hotwheels suits her lol. Not sure why she's giving me the stinkeye...
  10. DogKisses

    The Meerkat and the Hyena pics!

    The Meerkat: Lmao, she looks so much like one in this pic! This is my desktop pic right now. The (happy) Hyena: Come a little closer.... (More)
  11. DogKisses

    Let's trade dogs!!!!!

    *head meet desk* :eek:
  12. DogKisses

    My rabid dogs playing

    They both play SO hard, I was worried when I first got Nora (new name, this one is sticking lol) that Lacey might play too hard with her but Nora can body slam, bite, and wrestle just as much as Lacey. Some of the pics might look serious, but I promise they are really just playing lol...
  13. DogKisses

    Pics from the River Trail (& I named puppy!)

    Today it was unusually warm so I took the Red-headed Step Sisters to the River Trail today. :p Bookends. :rofl1: Sexy pose. Honey, you're too young for that! :p (Moar)
  14. DogKisses

    Which name? Nya or Tori?

    This is the hardest dog to name! She is a tomboy so super girly names do not fit AT ALL. I really REALLY like the name Rue, but it sounds so much like "you." I still haven't ruled it out, I really like it. I now have a massive list of names that I love, but do not fit her. lol. I am open...
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    Strange looking dogs thread!

    Post 'em up! :p I will go first, this one looks like he is blushing lol:
  16. DogKisses

    Research Beagles go outside for 1st time

    Very heartwarming video, Beagles that were used for research were released to an organization so they can find homes. This is supposedly the first time they have been on grass or outside. I don't know what kind of research they were rescued from I was expecting them to look...
  17. DogKisses

    Found out more info about puppy!

    So her previous owner actually texted me asking how "Pebbles" is doing. :) I sent her a few pics and let her know that shes is doing great & that she snuggles with me every night. She got Pebbles when she was only 5 weeks old from a lady at petsmart. She will be 9 months old Dec 7th. I asked...
  18. DogKisses

    Need name ideas!!!!

    BAD! Something so cute deserves a name: I like human names, the less common the better!!! So what would YOU name her if she was your dog??? :popcorn:
  19. DogKisses

    My girls. <3

    Family pics: Lets both look this way… This pretty much sums it up. Lacey: OMG I LOVVVE MY NEW SISTER! <3 Puppy: W.T.F is WRONG with your dog??? This one is somewhat deccent. It will do for now. Ha That ear tips a little. :) more
  20. DogKisses


    I just got her tonight! Her name was Pebbles, so name suggestions are appreciated! She was a CL rehome, lady said the landlord told her to downsize her dogs. She's 8/9 months old. Kinda underweight, you can't really tell in these pics but you can see every rib, vertebrae, and her hip...