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  1. Shadow_Spitz

    You Like Dominance Training?

    Something I found while browsing through DSD, just for laughs: Yes Sigh Dominance Again Sorry But at least this time someone's put a funny spin on it. A friend sent me this cartoon and ever since I've been trying to circulate it all over the place, on my Facebook page, to all my Yahoo email...
  2. Shadow_Spitz

    WARNING: Fluffyness

    Hey guys, I've been away for quite a while, haven't visited the some of the larger dog forums for a while. Thought I'd drop by and say HI, hopefully time permitting I'll be able to stick around more (oh no!:rofl1:). Anyway, thought of posting some recent pictures I know I haven't posted these...
  3. Shadow_Spitz

    Personalize Websites?

    I posted this on another forum, but wanted to hear your guys opinion too. See last weekend I spend some time reading up on some dog articles, there were cases in which good information was given but the author used "I" or gave a personal anecdote. What do you guys think, does using "I" in a...
  4. Shadow_Spitz

    Hiya Everyone!

    Hey everyone, was searching dog forums on google and stumbled on Chazhound's, it looks like a really great and active site! Well my name is Steven, I live in Southern California, USA, with two lovely pooches. Junior is my Chow mix, and Sheetza my little black and tan Dachshund. Here is...