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    A Good Species-Appropriate Raw Meat Diet

    80% – 85% muscle meat - chicken, turkey, lamb or beef 5% chicken or beef liver 10% – 15% organ or offal meat - chicken hearts, green tripe, chicken gizzards, beef kidneys one raw egg with finely chopped shell one meaty beef rib bone a krill oil capsule half a multivitamin Roger Biduk
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    Here's the 20 top pet poisons for 2011

    Here's a list from 2011 from Embrace Pet Insurance's claims database of the top 20 pet poisons. The list doesn't seem to change very much and chocolate is always around the top: [1] Chocolate [2] Raisins [3] Mushrooms [4] Xylitol (sweetener) [5] Grapes [6] Vitamins...
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    Here's what a balanced, enzyme rich raw food diet does

    He's the healthiest dog with the best demeanor of all I meet every day. But when I found him wandering a deserted highway by himself in a snowstorm two years ago, the opposite was true. He was irritable and hyperactive with brown teeth and discolored gums, overweight at 110 lbs. with fat...