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  1. Julee

    Daily Dog Meals - Raw Feeding

    There will be whole prey meals posted occasionally (usually Whole Prey Wednesdays) - you've been warned! Kicking us off with a few from the last few weeks: Egg, turkey necks, beef kidney <a data-flickr-embed="true"...
  2. Julee

    fall dogs

    <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="_DSC0521"><img src="" width="427" height="640" alt="_DSC0521"></a><script async...
  3. Julee

    What's your ideal number of dogs?

    Boom. I'll answer later.
  4. Julee

    dogs dogs dogs

    First up is Shadow. She turned 13 in August, and to the best of our knowledge is still cancer free. :) <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="" title="_DSC0434"><img...
  5. Julee

    Favorite and least favorite boarding/daycare breeds

    Splitting off of the lump thread a bit here! I f*cking hate porties. HATE. I'm also not a fan of american cockers. I've had really good luck with small fluffy white dogs (bichons, poodle mixes, maltese) and retrievers.
  6. Julee

    What are you currently feeding?

    My guys are on prey model raw. I haven't paid to feed them since last September. Currently feeding a lot of rabbit (was just given around 50 whole rabbits for free), organs are almost exclusively pork and lamb, a quite a bit of beef and salmon/steelhead, and the rest is made up of mostly...
  7. Julee

    Do you like where you live?

    What about the rest of your state or province? What would you change? If you would want to leave, where would you choose to go and why?
  8. Julee

    Are you a spender or a saver?

    I'm a chronic saver, Rick's a chronic spender. Are you on one end of the spectrum or in the middle?
  9. Julee

    Dog bed recommendations

    So. I generally don't buy dog beds because I have two dogs that will tear them up and one dog that is incontinent. I have two Ruffwear beds for around the house, but I need some suggestions for crates. Right now I just use towels or blankets that are given to me. I need one bed that can held...
  10. Julee

    In case of the apocalypse...

    If you could take three breeds/mixes with you, what would they be? Pretend your current dogs don't exist, you don't get to have them with you. My first choice would be a nice GSD or Malinois for protection. Their size is a plus, as they can carry a decently sized pack. Their coats are enough...
  11. Julee

    "I'll always have one" breeds

    What are yours? I will always have a rescue pit bull and I will (try to) always have a rescue scenthound. EARS!
  12. Julee

    What breeds do you aesthetically prefer "altered"?

    Not the place to debate the ethics of docking and cropping, but I was curious. I prefer a docked/ show cropped dobe over a natural or uncropped. I'd like to see a dobe that was only nicely cropped, not docked. I prefer the vast majority of danes without a crop, but some look nice with it...
  13. Julee

    Flight Rising Sale Thread

    Have at it!
  14. Julee

    Official 2015 Fitness Challenge

    Anybody making goals this year? Keep track of 'em here! I'm going to be joining a gym next week and doing my best to go at least three times per week. I'm also going to try to complete 1000 miles this year - either walking, running, hiking, or biking. :)
  15. Julee

    People edition: What did you accomplish in 2014?

    I: Moved again Bought a nice car Got a second job and expanded my business Put a CGC on two of the dogs Started feeding raw Paid off Bloo's 1.3k vet bill within a couple of months Spent more time with friends Didn't kill anyone!
  16. Julee

    Is your dog a dog park dog?

    Wow, dog three times in the title. Record? Shadow, Copper, and Em are. Bloo obviously is not. Copper and Shadow actively enjoy it for the smells (and Copper for the off leash opportunity). Em doesn't really care as long as she gets to play ball.
  17. Julee

    If one of your dogs could live forever...

    Who would you choose? Perfect health, permanently frozen at their best age, etc. Terrible question of me to ask, I know. ;) I would choose Em, of course.
  18. Julee

    If it was your SO's choice...

    What would your next dog be? No stick in the mud "they wouldn't have a dog" answers. :p Rick would pick either a corgi (preference to Cardis, but would enjoy either) or another pit bull. Female.
  19. Julee

    Favorite breeds by group!

    I know we've done this before, but it's been a while! You can do up to five per group. I am using UKC groups, feel free to use whatever you'd like. If there is a breed you'd like to list that is not recognized by UKC, stick it where you think it belongs! Companion Dog: 1.) Dalmatian 2.)...
  20. Julee

    Human stuff you want right now

    To compliment the dog thread ;) Currently wanting a Garmin Vivofit, a new pair of work boots, and a new pair of Vibrams.