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    Safe to leave Dehydrator on while not home all day??

    For those with dehydrators, do you leave them on when you are at work all day? If so, where is the dehydrator and where are your dogs?
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    Hare Today Gone Tomorrow

    Has anyone ordered from this company? I'd like to try the guinea pigs but don't know anything about the company so I am hesitant..
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    My three girls!

    My three girls! Maya is my 5 1/2 Doberman/Boxer mix, Kela is my 12 yo GSD/Lab mix (blk/white), and Rue is my 18 mo German Coolie crazy girl :) tummy girl by ninakelamaya, on Flickr silly maya by ninakelamaya, on Flickr my fav maya by ninakelamaya, on Flickr kela w cast by...