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    soap in the mouth

    My Mom washed my mouth out with soap for calling my sister an idiot. Funny how I remember that after all these years. All it did for me was made me feel like my Mom was out of control at the moment, and that kinda scared me.
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    I think Mina has tapeworm.

    My dogs use to get tapeworm when they caught and ate a rabbit. It was no big deal, Just told the vet what it looked like(rice) and picked up the dewormer.
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    Do your dogs wear collars all the time? and what kind of collar?

    Same here, they only wear collars when we are off our property.
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    Cane Corso info

    I cringe at some of the posts on the forum, like scruff shaking and rolling a pup if he pees in the house out of "spite" to show your "alpha":yikes: My girls will tolerate accepted non family members, but they are not friendly to them like my Rottweiler. They just dont want anything to do...
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    Cane Corso info

    Hi. I have two Corso's, both females. Mine are the most loyal loving dogs I have ever had. Its great that you are doing your research on this breed and breeders. Though there are alot of crappy breeders, there are good Corso breeders that are passionate about the breed they love and prove their...
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    Why I stay out of the training section in guardian breed forums

    I've posted alot of those links on a couple forums. So many people do not want to know. Some are kinda clueless(the person that knows her Pug is being dominate becouse he runs to her all excited and paws her when she gets home. She jabs him in the neck then to show him she is boss.) Some others...
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    Why I stay out of the training section in guardian breed forums

    This is so sad. I dont know what Corso forum you found this in but I do see so much of the dominance crap on the one I visit.The above post is beyond anything I have seen and I'm disgusted this person has a dog. How can people be this stupid?
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    Rotti mix puppy

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    Rotti mix puppy

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    Rotti mix puppy

    No, the pics didnt work. I dont know how to get the pics in.
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    Rotti mix puppy

    I'm posting this with permission from someone on another forum, hope its ok. This little girl sounds so sweet and needs a good home. I hope the pics work. I do have the ladies E-mail that has the pup. She is in Washington state. Hi everyone... I have posted this in another thread as...
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    Rescue Dog Update

    What a wonderful update! Just made me smile reading it. Thank you for saving this boy.
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    Miley is missing

    Just want to send my wishes you find your girl.
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    Announcing our new Boerboel Puppy

    She's beautiful, congrats! My corsos breeder's husband has a boerboel, very nice dog.
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    Would your dog protect you?

    I think most people want to beleive their dog would protect them, but I agree with dan and hounds, most dogs are going to chose flight over fight with a real threat. My dogs can put on a good show, and would scare the average person away, but dont know if I would count on them to protect me in a...
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    would you own a dog-aggressive dog?

    My dogs have killed a few cats on our property. I dont encourage it and if I see it in time I can call them off. But it can happen in a second and theres nothing I could do.I have neighbors that let their dogs roam on our land, they come right down in the yard and I have to call my dogs off...
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    i'm livid & scared

    Rats freak me out too and if I ever saw one as big as a cat I'd probably pee my pants. But looking at your dogs, I'm sure they can take care of them.
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    How did/do you teach stay??

    I just put my dogs in sit and with hand signals said stay, when they moved I put them back(I never used a leash) and I used yummy treats. I know thats not the way a trainer does it but it worked, They always stay nicely, even when we see deer, foxes, and the neighbors roaming dogs and cows.