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    Rotti mix puppy

    I'm posting this with permission from someone on another forum, hope its ok. This little girl sounds so sweet and needs a good home. I hope the pics work. I do have the ladies E-mail that has the pup. She is in Washington state. Hi everyone... I have posted this in another thread as...
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    Bruno, Bella and Sophie

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    Bruno, Bella and Sophie
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    Chasing a fox.

    Tonight on our walk a fox ran by and the dogs started to chase. I called them back, the girls came but Bruno kept on chasing.Its not unusual that we come across fox, deer, rabbits and Bruno will start to chase, but comes back when I call. He did come back after about 2 minutes, but I am worried...
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    Anyone here from Florida? I'm down in Naples with family, and I love it. So beautiful, exotic, gators, manitees, every time I come here I dont want to go back.Any other Florida people here?
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    Bruno and Sophie

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    more pics

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    Torn pad

    Yesterday Sophie tore her pad on a tin can. The cuts were pretty bad so I took her to the emergency Vet. The Vet cleaned and glued the cuts and she is on antibiotics. She told me to change the dressing every day starting tommorow morning.(I did have to change it tonight becouse Sophie chewed...
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    help with pics

    I am trying to post pics, I am on the photobucket, how do you copy the url and paste it? And where do you paste it ?
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    2 females?

    I have 2 female cane corsos. 8 months and15 months, anyway when playing one or the other will start humping the other. is this a dominent thing? I have a male rott,4 years,no problem, but the girls when playing sometimes seem to get nasty. could this turn into a problem? would like to nip it in...
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    ripped dewclaw

    my rottweiler was whining a bit and I checked him, his back dewclaw is completely ripped off. There is no bleeding. My vet is closed, does anyone have any experience with this?
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    Hi.My name is Linda and I have 3 dogs- bruno, a 4 year old rottweiler, bella, a1 year old cane corso, and sophie, a 5 month old cane corso.