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    Leaky gut sydrome

    IMG_20160531_215832 by babymomma posted Jun 2, 2016 at 10:48 AMHey guys, So for the past 2 years keely has had a bad skin issue, breaking out in little scabby things, itchy and irritated. Back and fourth to the vet, first it was a "food allergy" then it was seborrhea, then it was seasonal...
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    Anybody see this before?

    Hi all! In need of some advice here, one of keely's toenails is well, very large. I noticed it last night, however Saturday past was "grooming day" and I don't think it was enlarged at that point because I bathed her and did a paw pad treatment but I did not cut her nails but I really really...
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    Keely will be the death of me, I swear it.

    So occasionally we tether the dogs outside on nice days (not for hours at a time, but for like 30 minute intervals) . *I* always do a check of the yard before I put them out. I came home from work and keely was outside. She looked odd, even from my car. When I approached her she wasn't excited...
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    Happy 5th Birthday Keely ! <3

    Seriously guys. How did my puppy turn five? I cannot even begin to explain how much I love this dog. I honestly love her so much it friggen hurts. Here's to my first dog, and my first love. The one that taught me what it is to own a dog and how rewarding it can be. There is no doubt in my...
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    Any suggestions?

    I think Casey would Excel as an actual retrieving dog. My sister in laws boyfriend is an avid duck hunter and he told me that if I can train casey, he would be more then willing to let me tag along with him on a hunt with casey and let her do her thing. Casey is a wonderful swimmer, lives...
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    I could use a hug.

    My friend and I were driving down through town last night and hit a dog. We killed him. :( I can honestly say that it was the most horrific experience of my life. It was very graphic and just plain, horrible. He was just in too bad of shape to do anything to help him so while trying to contact...
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    Help !!

    I need information ! anything you can give me. All i know is how to feed him and that i have to spritz water around home and keep it damp for him to drink. Im not ussually impulsive and get a creature with no knowledge of it but my aunt wanted him gone so i took him :o This is waldo. My aunt...
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    The new addition is......

    Not a german shepherd puppy! Sorry to dissapoint ! :lol-sign: Shes already been introduced, but not as MY dog, but as my aunts dog. She lived with me for 2 months this past summer and I helped raise her as a puppy. She has always had a soft spot in my heart , So when my aunt texted me the...
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    I have an announcment to make!

    .....But im not announcing it yet... :popcorn: :D hehe
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    May be a dumb question?

    BUT , for those who tether your dogs, what are they tethered to ?! I do not have a fenced yard, therefore my dogs are tethered. which makes me nervous because one of my dads German shepherds that he had growing up, chased after a mink while tethered to a tree in their yard, and ended up...
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    Who would have thought ?

    That putting a cat in a sweater and making him stay and pose in front of a christmas tree would be easier then getting the dogs to do it :rolleyes: Not great pics but, heres what I got. (Yes the cat is tied to the dog, But apparently i didnt even need to do that ) YOu can also tell that...
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    My crew <3

    Excuse the crap quality, all i had was my cell phone to take some pics. But here are some of our little romp in the woods on my parents property. trying her hardest to sit still. <3 Shtick Trying to catch a snowball fail. lol ninja dog Pretty girl...
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    my velcro dog is being extra velcro-ey today <3 I had surgury today and she wont leave my side and its just warming my heart. I love keely *sigh* <3 :) Thatisall :D
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    Peeing in toilet

    Does anybody elses cat do it besides mine? :popcorn: For months now, jasper refuses to pee in his litterbox. I just woke up one morning, thought i heard water running and jasper was up peeing on the toilett. Im not complaining by any means, i just wish he would learn how to flush. He still...
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    Im getting a temporary.

    On sunday i will be making a new addition to my pack. I dont know how temprary its going to be though. Could be up to a year maybe. Im kind of excited, i raised her from 8 weeks up until she was about 4 months old so i already know this dogs temporment and what she is like to work with ...
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    I may or may not have just emailed somebody about taking there 12 year old terrier mix. Oh kijiji, why you do this to me?! Rehoming because they have to move :rolleyes: Sorry but you just had this sweet little dog for TWELVE YEARS! NOw you wanna just give her away?! I dont get it...
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    Anybody else have snow in july ?

    Come on mom ! Lets go! And they found a moose carcass... YAY *eyeroll* Shake it off HAi MOAR! .
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    I cant decide !!

    Myself and my boyfriend are seriously considering adding a third dog. It is down between a Shetland sheepdog Border collie and an Australian shepherd. why does this have to be so fricken hard :(
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    New addition

    is pretty? oh haiii k baii he (she? ) was exhausted her first night here. I guess living in the woods took a toll on her (him?)
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    Cat people Helppp !

    I got a kitten. Dunno if its permanent or not. but prettty sure it will be. Just have to see how bad my allergies are going to react. It might be something that can be controlled with meds, but it may not be. Backstory. Remember how i found 4 kittens under a house like 1.5 years ago? Well...