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  1. Mordy

    Home Prepared Dog Diets

    A message in light of the recent Pet Food Recall: If you have been thinking about finally leaving commercial dog food behind and moving on to better options, but have second thoughts about being able to meet all your dog's nutritional requirements, I have a solution for you: Feeding plans...
  2. Mordy

    The Dog Food Project - Update

    The Dog Food Project has been updated today! Click here to find out what's new. :)
  3. Mordy

    Pet Dachshund vs. Working Dachshund

    The topic came up in another thread that I didn't want to hijack, so here's my post on working vs. pet dachshunds. I've been a huge dachshund fan going on 20 years but don't currently own one myself. My wirehaired standard unfortunately died last year. :( Here's a pic of her: While I...
  4. Mordy

    Want to do something about pet store puppies?

    I just got a link to this page in a newsletter I'm subscribed to and I certainly think it's worth passing on: Pet Store Challenge Survey Please get involved quickly, this must be submitted before September 15, 2006, so there isn't much time...
  5. Mordy

    The Dog Food Project has been updated!

    Today I uploaded the rewritten overview of Organic Dog Foods and added two new ones, Grain Free Foods and Vegetarian & Vegan Foods. I hope the new format makes them easier to compare at a glance. Additional "special needs" product groups are planned for future updates.
  6. Mordy

    U.S. Abandons Animals in Lebanon Chaos
  7. Mordy

    Personalized Dog Care and Nutrition Consultations

    All dogs are individuals, distinguished not only by breed and size, but also many other factors that effect their lives on a daily basis. What works perfectly to keep one fit and healthy may not be ideal for another. My consultation services are intended to assist individuals in creating...
  8. Mordy

    New Evo products coming soon

    Quite a lot of great, new stuff to look forward to, and finally also for dogs who can't eat chicken. I'm especially happy about the reduced-fat Evo too, since 22% is too much for...
  9. Mordy

    For the Dobe people

    Just to present an alternative view, here are some impressions from Germany and other European countries:
  10. Mordy

    Dog care questions [brainstorming session]

    I'm collecting information for an article I want to write and am looking for some volunteers to help out. :) What do you think are the most frequently asked questions about dog care (includes nutrition also), or what questions do you find yourself reading/hearing frequently? Any ideas that...
  11. Mordy

    Obedience - strengths and weaknesses

    I posted this on my own forum Monday night but wanted to draw obedience-interested people on this forum into the conversation as well. After a really great class, while driving home I thought it would be neat to start a thread comparing notes on different dog's strengths and weaknesses in their...
  12. Mordy

    "Dealing Dogs" on HBO Feb 21st

    I just received this on a mailing list I'm on and thought it's worth spreading the word to everyone you know. Many, many people are still completely ignorant not only about puppy mills, but also about "brokers": "Dealing Dogs" will be aired on February 21 on HBO 10:00 PM EST Disturbing...
  13. Mordy

    Lost GSD in Flint, MI area

    Hi everyone, I'm posting this for a friend of mine who is heartbroken over losing her GSD girl yesterday afternoon. Please do feel free to cross post if you can think of a place where it could help. Sadie escaped around 4:00pm on Saturday, January 28, 2006, on Alvord between Fenton Rd. and...
  14. Mordy Photo Contest #4 - "Year of the Dog"

    We are having another Photo Contest on! :) If you are interested in participating, please check out the details and rules here! To enter the contest or vote on contestants, you must be a registered forum member. See you there! :)
  15. Mordy

    Diamond Dog Food recall

    Here's a short summary/timeline on the Diamond Dog Food recall as a sticky thread, so people can keep an eye on it. Around mid of December 2005 rumors started floating around on various internet forums that there might be a possible problem with certain brands of Diamond dog food, since a...
  16. Mordy

    California people, interested in meeting up?

    Nuts for Mutts 2006 will take place on April 29th & 30th (Sat & Sun) at Cal State University Northridge. Would anyone be interested in meeting up for the event? I'm going to organize a small gathering for some folks from my own forum, but of course the more people, the more fun it would be...
  17. Mordy

    checking in after my vacation

    hi everyone, i just wanted to let you guys know i'm back from vacation. i really don't have the time to catch up on old topics from the past week and a half, so if there's anything anyone has specific questions on or needs help with, please contact me directly - the best way is sending me an...
  18. Mordy

    Forum member map - add yourself! :)

    i thought this is pretty cool: we set one up for my other forum a while ago and i thought it would be neat to have one for chazhound too. :)
  19. Mordy

    Court Halts Nationwide Sale of Banfield Pet ID Chips

    just a FYI in case someone had their dog chipped at banfield recently: Fish & Richardson Announces Court Halts Nationwide Sale of Banfield Pet ID Chips SAN DIEGO --(Business Wire)-- Nov. 4, 2004 -- Judge Cites Potential for "Serious, Irreparable Harm," Also Orders Banfield to Notify...
  20. Mordy

    For Mixed breed owners, re: AKC Companion Events

    Some of you know that I wrote a letter to the AKC, complaining that in their CGC congratulatory letter they write that they hope people will continue on with training but exclude mixed breed dogs from any further activity. Here's what I wrote: Dear AKC team, on April 17th my mixed breed...