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    Back Again

    Hi everyone, not been around for ages, computer threw a hissy fit and died on me, just got it back up and running, I lost all my favorite links. anyhooooooo looking forward to catching up on what I have missed. Mo
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    Back again

    Hi everyone, been a long time since I have been on here, a few things have happened in my life that took me away from here, and then my computer went kaput, so back online, and looking forward to catching up on all the post. Mo
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    Need help Dog and paint!!

    I would inmagine if its the old type of paint that contained lead it would be harmfull, but dont think the new type poses any threat, I suppose it all depends on how much the dog is consuming. I would get the dog something to keep it occupied while you are out ie kong or a treat ball, or unless...
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    Pups on the way

    This "breeder" had every opportunity to do things right. the "breeder" could have given it time to have health tests done, shown the dogs and get them titled, the "breeder" could then have come onto this forum announced a PLANNED litter and we would have all have praised their glory for doing...
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    Should I bring her or not???

    personally I wouldnt take a bitch into season to any form of event be it showing agility or whatever it drives the male dogs mad and they are not able to concentrate, I had two bitches qualify for crufts both came into heat, they were left at home full stop I think its very bad sportmanship...
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    Pet Food Recall- The Tip of the Iceberg

    CROSSPOSTED FROM ANOTHER FORUM. has created a database where pet owners can report sick or deceased pets involved with the dog food recall. and this is only for people who know about the site and are reporting the deaths... i imagine the REAL toll is ten times...
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    crufts 2007

    Yeah baiting is allowed,obviously you dont give a big peice of bait just before the judge checks the teeth though lol. Mo
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    crufts 2007

    If you go onto my website and go into Timbers page there are some more pics there OC Mo
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    crufts 2007

    Thanks OC thats a real nice compliment, he is a working dog and as strong as an ox lol. I know what you mean about some showdogs being too heavy but not always heavy in bone some are carrying far too much weight and you can see them rolling round the ring, you just know that if they try to work...
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    those of you who sled:

    I got Bailey and Willow from a breeder, my other two Timber and Savannah are from my own breeding (the dam is Willow and the sire is from another kennel) Mo
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    crufts 2007

    funnily enough I was hoping the Malamute didnt win, its surprising how much it effects the demand for puppies after people see a particular breed win at crufts, everyone all of a sudden want that type of dog, and consequently many more end up in rescues as they were bought on a whim so I was...
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    crufts 2007

    thankyou, yes we watched it on TV too it was more exciting as this year is the first year an alaskan Malamute made it to the best in show ring so the tension was high lol. Mo
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    crufts 2007

    Heres a picture of one of my Alaskan Malamutes (Timber) he managed to get a 4th place at Crufts this year. although he has dropped a lot of his coat I think he still looks quite nice, and he moved lovely. Mo
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    Well being a person that only comes onto the site now and then I am TOTALLY CONFUSED with this thread. any newbies are going to wonder what the heck is going on. these sites are "supposed" to be about dogs our love for them, our need for information about them etc. personal vendettas should not...
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    Sledding Harness

    Any harnesses you buy should fit correctly (snug) to prevent it rubbing/ moving, so this normally means you will need more than one harness, dogs that shed their coats will need a smaller harness to fit correctly when they are out of coat, and a larger one that fits when they are in full coat...
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    6 months and pregnant

    hope the poor girl gets through this ok, she is still only a baby herself, she may need a LOT of assistance re feeding etc so have some special puppy formula to hand just in case. poor girl. any updates? Mo
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    brown specales on gums/walking funny/saliva coming out of mouth, I think this is urge

    is there not a clinic for people with low income that you could go to? even if your parents are not interested you could go to it and say YOU couldnt afford high vet bills etc. I know in the UK there is the Peoples Dispensary for sick animals PDSA where people on income support etc get...
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    American Idol

    I am pleasantly surprised to see that here in the UK we are watching the very same programme, normally we get to see american programms a couple of months later lol. really enjoying it this time. Mo
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    brown specales on gums/walking funny/saliva coming out of mouth, I think this is urge

    I cant beleive, with those symptoms the poster waited around for replies and continue to post themselves. getting onto the computer would be that LAST thing on my mind, it would be where are my keys I need to get to the vets!!!. Mo