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    Anybody have any experience with Schipperkes?

    Tell me the god bad and the ugly. I want to know everything.
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    Calling all Dog Trainers

    Hello all! For those that are dog trainers how long did it take you to start feeling comfortable teaching group classes? I've been doing it a year now. They are basic puppy classes. I know the material. I know the concepts. I'm teaching for a girl who owns the company, so the methods aren't...
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    Biggest Regret/whine/Rant

    So, as many of you know, I've been actively training my pup in Agility and Obedience with the hope of competing. Love it. I have aspirations of being an amazing dog trainer. I have a lot of natural ability if I do say so myself. I wish I had started doing this 10 or 15 years ago. I spent so much...
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    Twin Cities people

    Anyone interested in a twin cites meet up soon?
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    People doing bite sports

    Hey guys. So, in the future I'm interested in getting a dog to do bite sports with, because I think it'll make me a better trainer, and actually they just look darn cool. I was looking at Shutzhund but Mondioring has peaked my interest. For those of you who train and compete, do you think you...
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    How many of you own your dream dog/breed?

    So... I've been reading old threads and it got me thinking; how many of you own your dream dog or dream breed? Do I own my dream dog? I think so... I have one cool little dog. He has his quirks but is everything I wanted in a dog. We do obedience, we do agility, and there are other things I...
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    So... My plan in 2014 is to go to dog training seminars. Denise Fenzi is going to be in Duluth in April. I would love to go to that. Anyway, I need suggestions of seminars I should go to. Obedience, agility and behavior seminar suggestions are welcome! Thanks.
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    Dog Blogs

    What are your favorite Dog Blogs? Especially Training Blogs. I need more dog stuff to read.
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    Dog Trainers, I'm Talking to You!

    Hi if there are any dog trainers on this forum, how did you get started? Do you make fairly decenct money? Do you work for someone else or yourself? I've spent years, struggling, figuring out what I want to do. I've realized, duh!, dog trainer. I've been working with my dog for about 8 months...
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    I was wondering if anyone has experience with Brittanys. What are they like to live with day to day? I hear they are super high energy, but if they get enough exercise can they chill in the house? Are they pretty people friendly? Dog friendly? Thanks
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    For those that do Dog Sports

    For people who do agility, obedience, flyball or frisbee sports, what do you look for in a sports dog? I know drive and intrest in food and toys but what else do you look for?
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    Talk to me about Papillons. I'm looking for an agility dog that can do obedience and conformation as well. Why should I choose a Pap over a border collie or another breed? Feel free to give other general information about Pap awesomeness as well. :)
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    Just for Fun, Another What breed For Me Thread

    In the next few years I really want another dog. I've been doing research on so many breeds. There are definately some breeds I love but will never own, however, there are more breeds that are on my maybe list than I will be able to own in my life time so looking for suggestions. Anyway here...