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    pink eye

    Last night I noticed a little globby stuff around one eye (yellow) and this morning it is all pink and she tries to scratch it or rub it on the ground. The eye isn't fully opened and it looks like she is rolling it up and to the side so you mainly see the white part of the eye- which is now...
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    Best places to donate

    What are the best and most efficient charities for helping the hungry?
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    can you help me with these lyrics?

    i forget the song title, actually I forget just about all of it except it says crazy in it alot. But its not the gnarls barkley song. Its played alot lately, pretty popular but I don't know if its new or not. Its a man, either rock or pop I think.
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    It didn't pass! It didn't pass!

    Well they were going to pass a pitbull ban but it didnt go through IT turns out a lot of pitbull owners showed up- including kids and saved the day! They already have the bans in two cities nearby. When I first heard about the proposed ban my heart grew heavy. But because so many people turned...
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    Good News!

    Good news in the paper today. The animal control shelter that I got Nike from is getting a new manager. She is hoping to decresae euthenization by 50percent because yes, it is sadly a kill shelter. I got Nike on a Sat. I believe she had come on Friday and I'm pretty sure she had until Monday, I...
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    Pet ad I saw today

    I remeber once someone posting a thread about pet ads in the newspaper and I found this one today. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Christmas puppies pure-bred Britteny/Sneaky neighbor dog mix. Hold yours now for week before Christmas pickup. $20
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    Oh my, how sad This made me want to cry. These people are not Christains! Do they forget that Jesus ate with sinners, he talked and became friends with a prostitute?! Please don't take offense to that, I simply mean that they obviously believe that the Muslim religion...
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    Problems with Nike

    I need help. First I want to clear things up. You may remember when I first got Nike this summer I was all for training and ready to do the work. Please don't think that I'm lazy or not worrying about my commitments I made when I got her. But I had little time and I'm time to work with her now...
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    Its Snowing!

    First snow of the year! I don't ever remember getting snow this early. Not sure where to post this since it had some to do with Nike but not all so feel free to move it. Nike loved it so much! I would make snowballs for her and she would chase them and try to bring them back but it didn't always...
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    have you ever

    posted a bunch just to see your total number of posts or posts per day go up? I have
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    What to do?

    So my friend who lives across the street has a dog about 7 or 8 years old. It is a lab mix from the pound (its looks almost pure lab to me). I feel so terrible for her. They got her as a puppy and since she was maybe a year or a little less she has stayed outside. They have never let her in the...
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    movie editing software

    Its that time! I'm making my Christmas Wishlist for my parents. I don't have a ton on it except I really want an editing program for home movies. I love to make home movies with my friends but I dont have a good program. I have Nero which I heard was supposed to be good but I don't like it and I...
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    nike ate chocolate

    I read a little on another thread of chocolate btu it was chocolate cake so I'm not sure if its different. She ate about a 1/2 of a circle cake, it wasn't the hug cake I don't really know how to describe how much she ate but it was a good amount. She had a little diareha type stuff but it wasn't...
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    Nike has a problem with chewing when I am gone. Everyday its something new. I try to block off everything I can but its impossible to block the living room which is the most important. Today she chewed expensive furniture. I give her chew toys and take her on a walk in the morning(its not long...
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    Uh oh- heats

    I think my about 9 month old dog is in heat. What do I do. They told me it would be ok to get her spayed later, they even reccommended it. I am not going to breed her and I know to be extremely careful so she doesn't get around guys. My mom noticed a tad bit of bleeding and she seems swollen. As...
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    You're a freak

    Do your dogs ever look at you like you are a freak. Nike will tilt her head and raise her eyebrows when I am acting hyper or weird. I think she thinks I can be an idiot. Anyone else feel like they are a weirdo to their dog.
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    Ipod help

    Anyone with an ipod thaat will help me ot? My computer doesn't seem to recognize it.
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    Addicted to chaz

    Ok raise your hand. Come on now, raise your hand if you are addicted to chaz. Admitting it is the first step towards seeking help. I go on here when I have spare time, and even when I don't. The discussions are just so great and everyone is so helpful. A big thank you to chazhound the creator...
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    My week

    So I thought I'd tell you a little about my current life in case any of you care. Its not very interesting. I just started high school so thats exciting, its so much better than middle school! I took a bunch of classes that gives homework though so I have been pretty busy. I am doing...
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    So many times I have been told that I never look happy. My teacher told me I should smile more and my friends often say I look like I'm angry or mad or scowling. It frustrates me because I'm not. I'm generally a happy person but I guess it looks like I'm frowning or something. Does anyone else...