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    Need advice: I think my doctor violated HIPAA laws

    Oh HIPAA. I worked in a hospital for 8.5 years doing insurance stuff. I was an admissions rep. Unfortunately he absolutely is in his right to contact your emergency contact. That person is fair game as it is listed on your admissions paperwork. However, you are absolutely right. He should not be...
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    Which should I choose?

    I have an American Cocker. I CAN'T say enough good things about this dog. The catch is you have to find a good one. He is an awesome dog that will be as active as you want to be. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.
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    Anybody have any experience with Schipperkes?

    Tell me the god bad and the ugly. I want to know everything.
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    Looks great Linds! Congradulations. So happy for you!
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    Are you happy with your breed/dog choice?

    Yes. I'm 100% happy with my dog. He wasn't at all what I was looking for when I got him but, he's been a fun, fun little dog. Good toy drive, good food drive, loves to learn. He's been awesome! I'll definately have another cocker but I may go field bred next time.
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    So ummm... Hank the cow dog

    O.K. So I know I'm like mega late in this... but YAY!!!! :banana: I'm so happy you finally did it! He's cute and wonderful and I wish you all the luck!
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    It's not! And you do! See how helpful I am? :rofl1:
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    The Venting Thread

    OMG! I 190% agree with you! This is such a petpeeve of mine. I'm really sorry you're in the situation you're in. It just sucks.
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    Looking For Input

    I have an American Cocker. He's about 21 pounds. He loves to play but he's not what I'd cosider high energy. He seems to be really good st matching his energy to my activity level. He is mildly reactive but not unmanageable. In fact I would not consider him child friendly and Saturday I had him...
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    Matisse got a BOB. Yeah!

    Congrats! That's awesome!
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    Calling all Dog Trainers

    First of all I want to say, you all are awesome! Thanks. This is my first experience teaching a class. So, the complaint was, I seemed unorganized and didn't seem to know what I was talking about. They are basic concepts. I know how to use them. I struggle to explain them. I guess confidence in...
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    Agility training

    Good Luck! And Have Fun!
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    Calling all Dog Trainers

    Hello all! For those that are dog trainers how long did it take you to start feeling comfortable teaching group classes? I've been doing it a year now. They are basic puppy classes. I know the material. I know the concepts. I'm teaching for a girl who owns the company, so the methods aren't...
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    The Venting Thread

    There are no words. I'm so sorry.
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    Irrational Wants

    Normally I'd say no, but you're you and you're awesome and I say Absolutely!
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    The dog musing/vent thread

    This really is not the right thread to be asking this in.
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    Stockdog brags!!

    Thanks again for having me out! It was incredible to watch. You're dogs are amazing. You're amazing. So glad you all had fun!
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    So someone explain this to me.

    Mia. Obviously.
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    Summer is the big 1-0!

    Happy Birthday Summer! What awesome achievements you've had this last year! Can't wait to see what next year brings.
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    Among the Dandelions!

    LOVE! So much love for your guys.