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  1. Equinox

    Spring with Siege & Legion (new siegespawn!)

    Dead forum is dead but occasionally I still want to post threads to it LOL I think most people already know from Facebook, but I added a new addition a few weeks ago. 5 year old poofy Malinois, who just so happens to be Siegespawn. His new name is Legion. One of Siege...
  2. Equinox

    Siege's Snow Day (and something else, too?)

    So I know Chaz is pretty much empty these days, but I'm still kinda refusing to acknowledge that the forum is dead lol SO anyway, Siege got to enjoy the snow day too (as did Trent, but the snow is extremely overstimulating for him and because I can't hold my balance, his leash, and a camera...
  3. Equinox

    More Fall Malinois & GSD

    Been stuck in another photo rut again but I figured I'd share these because the fall colors have been gorgeous lately! This is the face she makes 90% of the time when I make her "stay"
  4. Equinox

    Fall Sunsets with Trent & Siege

    I sprained my ankle about 1-2 weeks ago so I figured I might as well get these photos edited and posted! I'd been taking Trent and Siege to this gorgeous park twice a week, and the fall colors and golden hour lighting makes for some great pictures.
  5. Equinox

    River Day with Trent & Siege!

    Been a while since I've posted pictures! We've been keeping busy and I haven't felt like picking up the camera, but decided to fix that over the last week. Yesterday we went to a lovely park by the river right around sunset, and I wanted to share some photos of my two crazies! I know Chaz...
  6. Equinox

    Huge Photo Update (Malinois galore & Trent)

    I haven't been around much, keeping busy with graduation, preparing for a new job/temporary move, etc. I've recently edited a big batch of photos from over the summer, and realize it's been a while since I've posted. Trent and Siege are doing great, these photos are mostly of Siege because I...
  7. Equinox

    Siege's New Custom Collar!! (Urban & Nature Photos)

    So Trent already has his fancy collar, and I figured Siege needed one as well. She's an incredibly special girl and really, only a special custom collar would fit a dog like her. I started talking to a collar maker that had caught my eye last year and found that she did customs, and after months...
  8. Equinox

    Siege and Me (bonus: and Trent goes crazy)

    I realized I didn't have any good photos of Siege and I together yet, so I took some self portraits yesterday with the help of my sister (who wrangled dogs and held the camera for me). Most of them are of Siege, partially because that's what I was aiming for but also because Trent was running...
  9. Equinox

    Trent and Siege - Assorted Photos <3

    Just an assortment of photos from the last couple weeks! Trent asks, "Am I a cute dog?" "Am I?!???" He's trying especially hard to be cute because he sprained my wrist pretty badly... Watching the rain mournfully Enjoying the early evening out in front of the house, with...
  10. Equinox

    Trent & Siege Enjoying Spring

    My two weirdos What a doll The two enjoying a snack during Chinese New Year Siegey Ouija
  11. Equinox

    Siege in a Spring Sunset

    The weather has been gorgeous the last few days, and we've been keeping things with Trent low key (minor/healed leg injury), so Siege and I went for a walk through the park. I haven't had a chance to take many real outdoor photos of her yet, and am really happy I took advantage of the great...
  12. Equinox

    Trent & Siege (indoor posing + outdoor fun)

    I have about 100 total photos to post so be prepared for a ton of new threads over the next week or two. For now, here's a mish mash of Trent and Siege from the last few days. Haven't been bringing them out together yet because Trent's recovering from a foot injury (he's feeling great now, we're...
  13. Equinox

    Trent and Siege Shenanigans (very pic heavy)

    Yep, more shenanigans. But Trent, Siege, and I had a great holiday season, and I took about a million photos over the last few weeks. Thought I'd share a few recent ones here! Trent taught Siege a few lessons in posing Siege got a lot of cuddles (from her first day here)...
  14. Equinox

    Introducing Siege!!

    A couple months ago I made a joke asking someone to give me a Malinois so I could stop wanting one. That same evening a friend/awesome breeder/Maliraptor messaged me saying they were looking for a home for their girl, newly retired from breeding. I had zero plans to get a second dog, definitely...
  15. Equinox

    Second Dog Advice/Tips?

    So with the new girl coming in soon, I figure I should see if there's anything I'm missing. Plus, general advice is always appreciated!! As most of you know, Trent is my first and only I'm really not sure what I'm in for! On paper yeah maybe, but in practice not so much. Right now I...
  16. Equinox

    Mission: Second Dog

    So, if I were (hypothetically) getting a second dog, and cannot arrange a full transport to get her here, I need Chaz's help brainstorming ideas! The other option would be to ship, but that also means waiting at least a month or two or three until I have the ~$350 for the shipping fees...
  17. Equinox

    Fall Photos with a New Collar

    For the last few days we've been cooped up inside because of the bad weather. Trent was on self appointed rat-sitting duty But when the rain stopped for a few hours we headed out for a few pictures. I haven't gotten many real pictures of him in his new-ish collar, but it looks great with...
  18. Equinox

    California Chazzers! Help?

    Is there anyone between the Los Angeles, CA area and either Eugene or Portland, OR willing to help transport a dog for me? I might need a few legs, as it's a 13 hour one way trip. She's social, travels well, and fits in a Vari #400 crate. This would be as a favor for me personally, so I'm not...
  19. Equinox

    Existing Dogs You Want (Right Now)

    What dog(s) do you really, really want to just go out and get, right now? Photos and links are definitely encouraged. No hypothetical litters or dream breeds or mixes. Actual, existing, real life dogs that you have found on Petfinder, Craigslist, rescues, through a friend, from breeders, etc...
  20. Equinox

    Photo Challenge feat. Trent

    Doing a photo challenge thing on tumblr and just realized that I have about a million and two photos from this summer that I haven't shared on Chaz or Facebook. I have no idea when I'm going to post them all, so I figure that I'll at least post some of the photo challenge ones here as I go...