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  1. golden&hovawart

    Chaz Puppies of 2015

    I will be picking up my puppy, around Dec 10th.
  2. golden&hovawart

    "SDs" at Airport?

    RBARK: You are very good,at twisting my words. YES,I EXPECT SD dogs to be better trained and socialized than the average dog. If they can go everywhere,then,they should behave,accordingly.
  3. golden&hovawart

    "SDs" at Airport?

    Dont agree!. I've seen many SD working whether in the US or FR and they were perfectly behaved and quiet,on the leash while working. If startled,some would bark but would stop as soon as owner told them,to so yes,i do expect it,from them. Now,take off their working gear and they were...
  4. golden&hovawart

    "SDs" at Airport?

    Arent you touchy!. In Fr,they wear vests. Please do tell me where I said that my dogs were perfect?. And yes,I DO expect SD dogs to be trained and behave propally,in public or they shouldn't be doing that job. If they cant behave,then,they are just simple pets,like mine!.
  5. golden&hovawart

    "SDs" at Airport?

    Sorry but I expect SD dogs to be better trained and socialized than the average pet. Barking should not be allowed in public places,for the confort of other people. If an SD is allowed everywhere then he should be bombproof. If they arent,then they shouldnt be SD dogs. SDIT...
  6. golden&hovawart

    Metal Mementos

    Wonder if they would sent it ,to Fr,at an affordable rate!. If yes,i'm ordering 2.
  7. golden&hovawart

    "SDs" at Airport?

    NO,the airport or train station is not that tough on a well socialized,stable dog whether it is a SD dog or not. Of all things,a trained SD dog should be confortable,in all situations and that includes airports,train station,metro,buses,etc. TOOK Titus,twice to FR and back,with no...
  8. golden&hovawart

    Backyard Chickens?

    I have a Fr Copper Marans Rooster and getting some hens,in the coming week or so. I'm getting 5 Buff Orpington Hens as I have a rooster. I,also,have Rouen ducks and Toulouse geese as well as quails and turkeys.
  9. golden&hovawart

    Dog days of summer (pic heavy)

    LUV yr dogs but Carmy is my favorite. What camera do you use,to take these action shots and on what setting?.
  10. golden&hovawart

    shepherds/herding breeds

    I love Berger Picard!. They are goofy and fun,to be around.
  11. golden&hovawart

    Temporary baby bunny with pics

    These become enormous adults(up to 7/8kgs)!. So cute!. I have Papillon Geant &.
  12. golden&hovawart

    Prairiedobe Decals

    I got it!. THANK-YOU Leah and the Chaz fairies,for the lovely surprise!. Will post a pix as soon as I get it,on the car.
  13. golden&hovawart

    Official 2013 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    I got my package,today!. It took exactly 3 mths,to arrive as it was posted on Nov 5th,2013 but SO worth,the wait!. THANK-YOU,Tina aka RUFFIANGIRL!. Amazingly enough,the chocolats are still good and nothing was broken!.
  14. golden&hovawart

    Sylvester, the sweetest cat ever

    So sorry for yr loss. He was beautiful.
  15. golden&hovawart

    Official 2013 Secret Santa Sign-Up Thread!

    Still,nothing. At this point,I dont think,it will come.
  16. golden&hovawart

    Just one.

    Too cute!>
  17. golden&hovawart

    I can't stop

    Go for yr dream & congrats.
  18. golden&hovawart

    Onyx 10 Months (video and a few pics)

    How old is she,now?. She is coming along,so nice and yr pixs are gorgeous!.
  19. golden&hovawart

    Not good news for Missy

    DM can not be helped unless you go with a wheelchair. the end result will always be paralysis and once,they loose their BM,it becomes really tough on the dog. I am so very sorry you are going through this. Thanks for letting her,go,with dignity. PS:I lost my boy,in July,from this so...
  20. golden&hovawart

    So I bought Axel a bed...

    What a gorgeous boy!.