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    What is your definition of a working dog?

    I see "working dog" tossed around SO MUCH, and I feel most of the time it's not used properly. Not to be confused with "working-line dog" of course. To me, a working dog is a dog that has an actual job - service dogs, SAR dogs, police dogs, herding dogs that work as real herding dogs on a...
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    Sunflower Cluster 2014 - Who's coming?!

    April 3-7 at the Kansas Coliseum! I know at least a couple of you are going! Who's going, and what are you doing? Here's my plan: Thursday - Logan only, not competing Set up obedience crates Watch a friend compete in Kansas Toy Dog Club rally Friday - Logan Only Lure...
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    Just one of Logan...

    BOB x 4, Group 4th x 1, Group 3rd x 2, and a new Champion :D The other dog I handled (GSD) got Group 2nd Altered x 2 and Altered Best in Show x 2 :) Good weekend!
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    What would you do, re: allergies

    I got Logan's VARL allergy test results back today, and there are 14 non-food allergens that have a score of 2 or greater. 12 can be put into allergy serum and used for hyposensitization therapy. He's allergic to almost all the foods >.< The only food I have found that he can eat (and isn't...
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    Who wants the second most awesome collie in the world? Loki, Logan's dad, is available! I love this dog SO much. He and Logan are so much alike from what I've seen and heard about him. And he's already a GCh with a herding title! So, which Chazzer is it going to be? :popcorn: (If I was...
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    Jeep people, halp!

    Right now I have a '96 Grand Cherokee Laredo with a freaking V8 in it. I want something that gets better gas mileage (currently getting 9-11, though with this weather it's been closer to 8). But I love my Jeep to bits and have fallen HARD for Jeeps (especially this week with the snow and shitty...
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    Anyone know any leather harness makers willing to do custom work?

    So, I was planning on getting a Bold Lead Designs BAH for Logan, but have changed my mind. And now...I don't know what I want or if what I want even exists. I need a guide harness, and ideally a non-rigid (but slightly stiff) standing handle for mobility in addition to the guide handle. So...
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    Chicken tricks?

    So, I need ideas on what to train a chicken to do. We started training one of the chickens at work and HOLY CRAP THIS CHICKEN IS SMART. I cannot believe how fast she picks things up. She's been training for about 2 weeks. She got targeting immediately, she will also jump, step on a perch, step...
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    Potluck ideas!

    So, I have a potluck on Saturday night, and I have no idea what to bring. I can bring anything at all, we're not assigning people to different things, because as far as we all care, if we end up with just desserts, we'd be perfectly happy. Also, cool but cheap white elephant gift ideas would...
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    $5 sketches anyone?

    So, I'm trying to get to Washington for a weekend of collie specialties for Logan, but until I have a full time job, the funds aren't there. Logan's breeder can help me show and may be able to help with entry fees even, but I need to pay for the flight and travel costs. I'm trying to raise those...
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    I'll trade you sketches and leashes for money for a plane ticket!

    :D :D You know you want to :popcorn:
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    Resume input please! :D

    Anyone care to read my resume and tell me what to change/fix/remove/add/etc? Pretty please? :D I'm applying to primarily zookeeping positions, but also a few veterinary assistant positions. Post here or PM me if you want a copy, and tell me if you prefer PDF or GoogleDocs
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    Are there any websites to track progress towards a fundraising goal?

    And not force people to donate through said website? I'm trying to get $300-$600 raised to go visit Logan's breeder in late February for a collie specialty. I am planning on selling a variety of things to get there, from harnesses and leashes to sketches and paw print paintings. I'm...
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    Can we discuss The Time of the Doctor?

    ...because Reddit is too much. I don't want to sort though hundreds...thousands...of replies. Soooo...WHAT DID YOU THINK? The good, the bad, the ugly... GO! I loved it. Absolutely loved it. There were parts I had ro rewatch to fully understand, and it did move a bit quickly (it...
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    Resume question

    I'm updating my resume, since I've graduated and am looking for a full-time job. My question is on work history. I've only been working since 2005. In the time, I've had two zoo jobs (plus volunteering), the vet job, USPS data entry job, and a job in the library. I worked in the library...
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    Feasibility of crowd source funding to go to a dog show?

    So, Logan's breeder would like for me and Logan to come out in Januarsy for a cluster of dog shows. I'm DYING to get out there, and we'd both really, REALLY like Logan to finish his AKC Ch, and it's just not feasible for his breed around here with the low number of shows I can get to each year...
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    Doctor Who 50th Special!!! (May contain spoilers, enter at your own risk ;) )

    FOUR DAYS. I'M DYING. HALP. So, how/when do you plan to watch? Theories? Most importantly foodstuffs? I'm making MOAR TARDIS cookies. I made a test batch this past weekend using 2 different recipes. One of them came out VERY nicely. The others I'm taking to the zoo because there are people...
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    What would you do?

    So, there's this crazy weighted blanket ordeal thing I've been going through. Here's the long version (copy and pasted from Reddit because lazy): My last message to them last night said "I do still want the blanket. I can't pay today because the money is still in limbo - it's not credited...
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    Official 2013 Card Exchange Sign-Up

    So, for those of us who can't do Secret Santa due to cost or other factors, or for anyone that wants to participate because it's fun, here is the card exchange! Since we're getting started later than usual, please send me your info no later than November 25th. Ill send out the list on the...
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    I need a lactating bitch!

    Seriously, I need one. And a fairly good sized one at that (no chihuahas, sorry!). I don't want to give too many details in public, but if you know of a lactating bitch (ideally who has weaned her pups) in my neck of the woods, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me. It's a REALLY COOL...