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    Is neutering a senior dog a good idea?

    Roman turned 8 last month and I have to take him in for his first dental soon. I'm sure I'll be asked about neutering him again. I've been told by the vet and I've read elsewhere that intact male dogs commonly get an enlarged prostate which is typically avoided or remedied by a neuter. Since he...
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    Roman at the Creek

    Roman went to Lynn Creek on Friday with my friend and her beagle. We spent 6-7 hours there! I guess it could be considered a late birthday hike, Roman turned 7 on the 8th (b-day 08/07/07!). I think he enjoyed himself, except for some stick troubles (documented ahead) and crossing the...
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    Insane AI Thing

    You answer a series of questions with a character in mind and this genie guy guesses your character. It always gets it. Sandor Clegane, Snape, James Bond, Puddleglum, Bree, Simba, Milo (from Milo and Otis), Irene (from The Princess and the...
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    Super cute pics of fox playing with a Mal in Norway...or a GSD? (big pics)

    I am currently in an argument on reddit over what breed of dog this is lol But even if you have no input in that regard, freaking cute pics!!! <-- more here!
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    Unbelievable Faker Dog How did this dog even learn how to do this so well??
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    Timetable planner

    Does anyone know of a website where you can enter all the courses you want to take, and the times the different sections are at, and it'll put together the most time-efficient schedule? If this doesn't exist yet, it NEEDS to be made lol. This is like doing a sudoku but less fun.
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    Grooming a GSD (compressed air?)

    What tools should I use to groom Roman? We're moving soon and I don't want him to hair-up the new house. I have a Furminator and I just recently remembered that we have an air compressor, can you buy tools to blow the undercoat out with one of those? What are the best books/online...
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    Favorite Thing to Do with Rhubarb

    Either the rain or my dog broke off a bunch of big stalks from my mom's rhubarb plant. What should I do with them? We just had a crumble the other night. A pie seems like a lot of work. Many bonus points if you know of something that doesn't have 15 cups of sugar in it!
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    Best Rubber Toy for Heavy Chewer

    Roman really likes to get toys back between his molars/big premolars and just work at them for ages. Is there any rubber toy that can withstand that kind of abuse from a 95 lb dog? I have rubber balls that are too big to big to fit between his back teeth, but he doesn't like those as much :p
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    More Cresties (these ones aren't very mighty yet) + an aquarium (beware many photos!)

    I got these guys the Friday before last from a hobbyist/breeder advertising on Kijiji. The red one is just a red, the other is a dark and cream partial pinstripe harlequin (I think that's right lol). They're 2-2.5 months old, don't know the sex, so it remains to be seen whether they need to be...
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    I find this really endearing :)

    Roman has NEVER in his life stolen our stuff off the counter, despite the fact that he is a big dog (27") and could totally reach up there. But nary a steak has gone missing. He never steals anything of ours (even when he was a pup, I can only remember him stealing/wrecking one or two small...
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    Grafting Grape Vines

    I posted on a plant site but it doesn't get as much action as Chaz, and I know we have some green thumbs here, so I'm posting here too :D So my neighbor had some grape vines, about 7 years old. I know it's the wrong time of year, but they started developing his property before I could try...
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    Open Studbooks

    So, what do you think? Personally I'd like to see them opened up "liberally," as with some European warmblood registries.
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    Hypothetical Moral Dilemma!! sacrificing a shelter dog for its organs

    Interesting moral dilemma question from reddit (not sure if I should link or not..?) If your dog needed a new organ and you had the dinero for the operation, would you sacrifice another dog and harvest its organs to save yours? If you wouldn't, is that just your personal preference or do...
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    Alaskan Noble Companion Dog

    kind of a goofy name IMO, but they look neat! DQ's Weight 60-110 lbs, not ridiculously huge. What do you think?
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    Holy crap, is this the going rate??

    Roman got dewormed today with something got Drontal Plus, he's 97 lbs and they gave him 68mg of pills (for two doses, one worming today, one in two weeks). The 68mg of Drontal alone was $109! That seems like a lot, especially when it only covers worms and I can get enough Ivermectin for a...
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    Youtube Subscriptions

    Are you subscribed to anyone? If so, who?
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    A couple of Romey and a bunch of new bunnies (20 photos)

    This is a dog forum so I'll put Romey pics first in case you don't care about bunnies (but you should :P) Romey 1 Romey 2 (hoof!!) that's all of him for now. Aannd on to the bunnies. I got two new bunnies last weekend, a Creme D'argent doe and a New Zealand Red doe (who is...
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    Applying as a veterinary assistant--need help!

    I'm applying as a veterinary assistant but I honestly don't have a lot of experience--I've had like... one job before and it had nothing to do with animals. The ad says that while VOA is an asset, they will train the right person. I thought to make myself more attractive I would offer to do...
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    Reddit--Please Help.

    I posted my first Reddit comment a couple hours ago, and it was a disaster. I am now convinced there must be some special Reddit etiquette or trick that I unintentionally violated, because 1) my comment was doing quite well in the first 15 minutes or so 2) I really don't think I was...