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  1. juliefurry

    hey guys!

    yeah it's been awhile since I've last been on but right now I don't have computer access. I cancelled my internet so don't get to get on anymore. I hope everyone's doing well and I hope to come back someday. Thank you very much to my secret santa both me and the dogs LOVED your presents...
  2. juliefurry

    natural thyroid treatments?

    My friend's rescued dog has a thyroid problem and I was just curious if there were any natural treatments her and her fiancee can try on him? He's a 9 year old golden and weighs about 87-90 lbs. They rescued him a month ago and we haven't been able to get ahold of his previous owners. They...
  3. juliefurry

    Chaos won't stop nursing on me!

    Chaos is about 5 months old now and has a quite annoying habit. I guess it could be cute though to some people. He LOVES to knead on me and then he will start suckling on my hand, arms, shirt, neck, face, fingers, hair. I mean anything I can't touch him or hold him without him suckling on me...
  4. juliefurry

    have I died and gone to heaven?

    My 7 year old stepson is over for the week, until friday. Last night I started cleaning for thanksgiving and I'm trying to vaccum before I make his bed. He could tell I was having a little trouble so he come out from getting his pj's on and comes up to me and goes "do you want me to vaccum and...
  5. juliefurry

    how much chewing is normal?

    Elwood chews A LOT! He loves to chew and the only time he is laying there minding his own business is when he has something to chew on. He doesn't growl at us, the kids, or the dogs anymore when we go near him with a toy or bone so we started giving him bully sticks again (the 9 inch ones) and...
  6. juliefurry

    marriage counseling?

    Me and Mark have decided we need to go to a marriage counselor. I'm nervous I don't know what they do. I know we need to go but I'm afraid of what they will say. Has anyone gone to marriage counseling and what happens when you go? We are looking into a few places and haven't made up our...
  7. juliefurry


    Elwood's getting some horrible dandruff lately. I want to say it started about 2 months ago when we gave him a bath with a flea shampoo. Since than he hasn't been bathed, Mark brushes him 3 times a week too. He eats chicken soup for the puppy lovers soul and I mix in sardines or mackrel...
  8. juliefurry

    my computer decided to work today

    My computer is being very...tempermental. Today she has decided to work for me finally. I wonder how long it will last. The guy that fixed her before came and worked on her again so she's up a running atleast for now.
  9. juliefurry

    This cat stinks!

    Chaos stinks like crap (literally). He was given a bath like a month ago but he stinks so bad. It's not all the time just sometimes and it's not even like just when he gets out of the litter box either it's just every so often he'll jump in my lap and I can smell it. His box is cleaned...
  10. juliefurry

    did any girls ever use guy's deodorant???

    Mark got some new TAG deodorant and it smells SO good. So today since I'm just laying around I figure why not it smells good, works good, and it'll remind me of him all day. So I used it and now I feel crazy (well more crazy I already know that I AM crazy). Any girls ever use guys deodorant?
  11. juliefurry

    sad video

    Found this on the other forum I go to it's very heartbreaking:
  12. juliefurry

    Elwood is FINALLY getting better

    Elwood has been the puppy from HELL! He finally seems to be getting a little better. We stepped up our training with him, Mark is helping out a lot more with him too. He gets more exercise and one on one time with me. We stopped having the trainer come to the house because it was just...
  13. juliefurry

    I got kissed by a girl today

    I have started a friendship with our neighbor's new girlfriend. Tonight she asked if I wanted to have a few drinks with her. I was just sitting around watching rock of love (Brett is SO hot by the way). Anyway we were just sitting around talking about Brett and having a couple drinks and...
  14. juliefurry

    my friend rescued this old boy today

    he's an 8 year old golden retriever. I drove her up there to go get him. He's really sweet but wasn't too impressed with the other dogs and actually went after Hannah a few times. here he is giving a smile: He has a lot of weight to lose and needs to go to the groomers too:
  15. juliefurry

    good senior formula for large breed dog, looking to loose weight?

    My friend is adopting an 8 year old golden tomorrow and he needs to lose some weight (he's about 95 lbs right now and the vet said he could stand to lose 10 lbs around). I suggested my friend and her fiancee put him on canidae (the senior formula) and also give him more exercise than he's...
  16. juliefurry

    how easy is it to change your last name?

    My stepsons are over and they both have email accounts and myspace accounts. My oldest wanted to show me his girlfriend (and the girl he's trying to date) so he asked me to log in and gives me his email address and password. Well he is going around using his mother's last name and says "well I...
  17. juliefurry

    what the heck is going on with Hannah?

    Hannah is going CRAZY today! We woke up this morning and she's running around downstairs doing zoomies all over the place, prancing around by the back door. So we let her out and she FREAKED! She started shaking with her tail tucked between her legs. She wouldn't go potty or anything. So I...
  18. juliefurry

    my driveway has become a parking lot

    I'm guessing we have some RUDE new neighbors that just moved in. Ever since they moved in EVERY night there have been two banged up rusty piece of junk cars parking in OUR driveway! I mean our cars a rusty piece of crap but it's our car so we don't mind but those two aren't ours. Not to...
  19. juliefurry

    and now we have fleas

    I've been using frontline plus on the kitten since the day we brought him inside and on the dogs I've been using it for atleast a year. Anyway today I notice fleas on the kitten:mad: . Well I'm guessing it's a flea it's burrowing through his fur but it's not jumping. Well Elwoods been...
  20. juliefurry

    Nature's Logic feeders?

    I bought some of this Nature's Logic venison formula and mix a little in with Hannah's Innova and maybe 2 times a week she gets just the nature's logic. She really likes it (but she really likes her Innova too). Does anyone have any inputs on this brand? The store warned me that I probably...