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  1. golden&hovawart

    Post 3 pixs,in each categories, from last year AKA 2013

    You are allowed 4 categories: pets Mix still life landscape Now,GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!.
  2. golden&hovawart

    Yr past,present,future breeds!.

    PAST: 1 Briard 1 Lab 1 Border Colley 1 Airedale 5 Pyrenean Shepherd 3 Doxie(wirehair,standard) 3 Leonberger 3 Hovawart 1 Golden-Retriever PRESENT: 2 Hovawarts FUTURE: Hovawart Leonberger Aussie or BC Long-Hair GSD Golden-Retriever
  3. golden&hovawart

    Show us yr toy collection!.

    Started collecting toys,with Priska,my golden who was toy crazy!. The toys had to float as both dogs love to swim!. Was able to bring,most of them,back to Fr which is a good thing cos toys choice,here,is horrible!. As the title indicated,post awayyr toy boy and why you chose them.
  4. golden&hovawart

    Help,with dog name!.

    Need a list of female names,starting with "I" and another one,starting "J". Thanks for yr help,L
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    2013 Dwarf wabbits litters(Pixs)!.

    The 2 left,from the 1st litter of 4 who are 10 wks old. This one is a boy and looking,for a home: Keeping this female: Now the 2nd litter who are 3 wks old,on these pixs!. Both litters were sired by this male: Mum of the 2nd litter: The babies are very colorful and fluffy:
  6. golden&hovawart

    Aussie,PyrShep or BC

    I know both PyrShep(I've had 4)and BC(we had a working male),well. I,also,spent a lot of time,in Fl with both Aussies and BC as I was on a flyball team and my neighbour with whom I walked with,nearly everyday has 5 of them and does rescue. In energy level,the PyrShep is higher(his nickname,in...
  7. golden&hovawart

    A summer day,along the Vienne(pixs heavy)!.

    Let's go: Titus: Tania: Gaia: Wet stack!:
  8. golden&hovawart


    Please welcome,the new members of my cat family. They are 7 weeks old and were born,at home. All 3 males are staying home,with us.You,already,knew about both orange males but Tigger who is the dark tabby decided to stay,by being the most loveydovey,adorable and fun kitten,of all. His...
  9. golden&hovawart

    Cuteness overload(pixs heavy)!.

    Last Wednesday,Eclair delivered a litter of 4 kittens!. They are healthy and Eclair is being a good Mom. As it is my mistake,for not spaying her,on time,we decided to keep 2 of them and the other 2 are going to a good family. So without futher ado,here are the pixs: The kittens...
  10. golden&hovawart

    Re-introducing myself!.

    I haven't been,here,in a long while so I decided to re-introduce myself!. Some of you might remember my Golden,Priska and my B/T Hova!. A lot has happened since I last posted!. I moved to France,added a black Hova pup who is a yr old,2 kittens and loads of chickens and geese!. Q:would it be...
  11. golden&hovawart

    I'm back,with pixs!.

    A lot of changes,since I was last on. I moved back to Fr,in September and of course,Titus came with us. I like,in the countryside,on an 18 acres property. In 3 weeks,I'm getting a new bundle of love. They are 3 weeks,on this pix: She is,of the same breed,as Titus. We are very excited...
  12. golden&hovawart

    Happy B-Day,Titus(picture heavy)!!

    Today,you turn 7 but you,still,behave like a pup!. l love yr playfullness and couldn't dream of a better dog!. You're MY BOY and I LOVE YOU!!. TO MANY MORE YEARS!!!.Mom Titus as a 1mth old pup: At 2 mths: Titus,today: Celebrating with a beer!: Swimming...
  13. golden&hovawart

    Slideshow of my golden doing flyball

    Would love to know what you think of it!!. Hope you'll enjoy it!. YouTube - SLIDESHOW OF MY GOLDEN DOING FLYBALL
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    Advice needed cos changing dog food

    Titus is,mainly,on raw so not really a concern but will eat kibble when he's boarded or when dh is taking care of them!. Priska is turning 10 in August and is the one,on kibble!. I have found a place that sells all,the grain-free food like: Taste of the wild,Canidae grain free,Innova...
  15. golden&hovawart

    Heard it,all!.

    Someone told me I SHOULD SUE the park for breaking my wrist!. Now,why on earth,would I do that!. Noone pushed me or made me fall ,apart from,my own clumsiness!. Yes,my wheel went in between the grass and the road but this is no-one's fault. I was flabbagasted by the person's comment and...
  16. golden&hovawart

    What is a hovawart + a slideshow of my boy!

    HOVAWART The Hovawart is a large, robust, but not heavy dog, looking somewhat like a large Golden Retriever. It has a strong, deep-throated bark. The pendant ears are fairly low-set and triangular. There is feathering on the chest, legs, undersides and tail. The body is slightly longer than...
  17. golden&hovawart

    My Dad's dackshund was attacked by 2 badgers!

    Keep my father's dog in yr prayers for a full recovery!. He went in a badger burrow and got chewed up!. My father's standard dackshund was attacked by 2 badgers and came out of it,in a very bad state!. He was bitten in several places on his face,body and tail and might lose his tail.He's full...
  18. golden&hovawart

    Golden v GSD !!!

    Who will win?. Priska and Hammer having fun: WANT TO PLAY? One to the right,COMING!!
  19. golden&hovawart

    Broke wrist in several places & cut my foot!

    The day before Christmas,I fell off my bike,cut my foot(4 stitches) and broke my left wrist,in several places!. Will,probably,have to be to be operated on,have some metal plate and screws put in but will know more,on Monday!. OMG,Is it painful!!!. Apart from that,MERRY CHRISTMAS!!. At this...
  20. golden&hovawart

    Could,one of you,mod..............

    Could,someone,here,close my account as I don't seem to be very welcome, here!. Thanks to the people who were nice to me and made me,welcome!.