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    Koochi puppy pics

    So here are the pics i got of Raja the Koochi puppy. Hard to believe this little wigglebutt will grow up to be 110# of lanky wolf killing badass.
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    Met a real nice dutchie today

    private contractor Dutch sheperd. very nice, good handle, not crazy wired acting. between him and Belgian Mal, i'm being lulled into a false sense of security, i should probably get bitten again soon then.
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    Koochi dogs

    I have seen several around the tents outside the base, but some Anti Taliban Afghans had a 4 month old pup on the base today. He was AWESOME. pale wolf grey with white markings. Gangly and leggy as heck, a super happy boy named Raja. His ears were cropped clean off and his tail docked to half...
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    finally met a military Belgian Mal that wasn't bat poop crazy. The brit SAS guys had a very mellow 7 YO boy that i'd take home in a heart beat.
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    Was I wrong?

    So in a discussion (about rights and liberties and unnecessary laws) elsewhere, a lady tells me that: She had her dog LEGALLY off leash at a public park, when she met a lady with a SERVAL ON LEASH. The serval lady asked her to please pick up her dog because the 20-40# cat could kill it. Now...
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    I have the best daughter.

    My younger DD (12) wanted to make a cake for me earlier. I told let's wait till tomorrow. But I had to go to the store & the bank for a minute (really about 30). So when I got back I walk past the oven and there is a chocolate cake in the oven. Isn't she a sweet little sneaky disobedient thing.
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    Ice cream

    So Rorik just asked for some ice cream. He wanted "that kind that tastes like someone just surrendered your country." He couldn't remember French vanilla. :p
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    A quick search showed that some people are calling the bigger deer headed pariah type chihuahuas techichis in reference to the breed's theoretical forebear. Should the two types go their separate ways & become separate breeds?
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    Jungle gold?

    Anyone seen the show? Is it any good? I go to church w/one of he guys & I don't know if I want to watch it. I am thinking I might get annoyed w/the TV reality since I know what the guy is really like.
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    terra nova or walking dead

    so which new beginning would you prefer to try to survive?
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    my daughter made me so proud

    she was in her young womens class at church on sunday. the bishop came in to talk to them about inappropriate behavior. he asked them what they should do if a boy tries to get them to do something inappropriate. Kailey put her hand up. the bishop called on her. she said, "punch him in the face."...
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    good dogs!/photo.php?fbid=374013492657747&set=a.336419073083856.79033.257474067645024&type=3&theater...
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    jesus' wife

    does it really matter? why or why not?
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    saw a papillion

    took the boys for a haircut. on the way out saw a guy walking a papillion. he said it was a rescue and didn't think it was 100% pure. it seemed like a nice enough dog and looked like the paps i've seen here but it was a fit 10-12# dog about the sized of a small jrt.
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    why NYC cops should emulate the brits

    seriously, did they have their eyes closed? i hope their supervisor takes away tehir guns & gives them wooden ones like in the other guys.
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    you gotta love this guy
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    i need links

    to shelters & rescues importing foreign dogs. i've seen it written & would like verified evidence.
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    This is my gps!

    so a couple of weeks ago i was teasing my wife telling her if she had testicles she wouldn't need a gps to navigate. fast forward to today, while getting ready for soccer (football for our non american freinds), Braddock grabs his package (male parts) and says "This is my GPS!"
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    spin off, condiments

    what are some DIFFERENT condiments you use & what do you use them on? chipotle cranberry sauce, chipotle raspberry sauce, homemade chipotle mayo & jalapeno jelly (must not be made w/ vinegar) all used on meats & meat sandwiches. my favorite use of the chipotle mayo is on "hotdogs", w/cheese &...
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    spin off zombie apocalypse

    are you prepared? not necessarily walking dead but maybe the stand or mad max. what do you think you most need to insure your survival? do you have it? if not how would you expect to get it? what would be your next major actions?