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  1. J

    So lost and confused...

    So many people have new dogs and new babies and new this and that and I'm over here like WTF?!?!?! LOL Yeah yeah I know I took a long hiatus and haven't been around but dammit I feel all kinds of left out #sadface
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    Helllloooo :) just checking in, hope everyone is habing a fabulous 2014 so far. I've missed most of you guys :) hope to be around a little more this year.
  3. J

    Interceptor Shortage?

    I've been trying to order interceptor for Chloe for the past 3-4 months and its apparently on backorder? she has one more pill for the month of January, does anyone has any recommendations of a replacement for interceptor.
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    ^ that is all...
  5. J

    I might be a bit biased but....

    I have the BEST SO ever... this whole week he has cooked and cleaned for me and I think Im getting a little spoiled <3 lol Im going to have to come up with something nice to say Thank You!
  6. J

    People that work 40+ hours a week

    how do you manage to find time to do ANYTHING??? I recently went from part-time (30 hours a week) to full-time (40+ hours a week) and my time management skills are severely lacking as far as housekeeping lol... When I was working part-time a few days a week I would have short days where I...
  7. J

    update on myself!

    thought i would update chaz on things that have been going on in case anyone cares lol. so, i am FINALLY full-time at my job which is a huge blessing :) and my brother is getting married to a wonderful girl at the end of november :) the other half and I are doing well, he is pretty much...
  8. J

    something is wrong with me

    i dont know what is wrong with me... im soooo freaking happy for my bf (long story short he got a new job) but for some reason im sitting here ****ing crying cause im stressed about it... how can i be soo happy but depressed at the same time?? it doesnt make sense
  9. J


    *waves* so, i know i havent been on in a long time, chloe and i are both doing great. I dont have internet at the moment and honestly I'm not missing it at all. I do miss chatting with most of you though. I have come to realize that there are just more important things to me right now...
  10. J

    ok so its a new year and well umm...

    everyone here pretty much knows about my feelings about feet and toes, and well, I need to know what color nail polish would go best with a black/silver dress and black open-toed heels... *sigh* :rofl1:
  11. J

    Happy Birthday Day Merico :)

    Happy birthday you birthday stealer!!!
  12. J

    Sooo my apartment smells...

    like a whorehouse *sigh* I got a really good deal on some Victoria Secret fragrance mists, and Im trying to decide which ones I wanna keep... I've already picked one I really really like, but I can't for the life of me pick between the other three.. Someone come to NC and smell me...
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    Ive been SUCH a lurker lately, I've missed EVERYTHING that has been going on...
  14. J

    Job Vibes!!

    I went to an interview last week, that seemed to go really well, they are supposed to be making a decision after the Thanksgiving holidays, so I could really really use the vibes / prayers / good thoughts / whatever you believe in.. Thanks :) <3
  15. J

    Stressed: Foreclosing on my apartment building...

    I got the notice in the mail today, and its going up for public auction on October 26th.... and I'm terrified that they are going to put everybody out and I'm gonna have nowhere to live... I know that they have to give us 90 days (according to the paper I got) but how I got this place is a...
  16. J

    How do you fill your...

    Manicotti shells? Do you cook them first, then fill them? or fill them, then bake them??
  17. J

    Can I have some famous Chaz job vibes!!!

    I really really need a full-time job, and I just put in an application for one at the hospital that would be perfect for me, so I can use all the vibes / good luck I can get :) Thanks in advance
  18. J

    OMG!!! A New Muppets Movie!!! <3 <3

    I have a HUGE love for the Muppets and the Muppets movies... This just made my day LOL.... but its not coming out till Thanksgiving.. Yes, I may be weirdo but I dont care lol
  19. J

    Vibes... for the SO please!!

    He has been having back issues, and went to the Dr today, and it seems to be a pinched nerve, so he has some meds, and if its not better in 2 weeks, they are going to do x-rays and all that other stuff.. And its got him scared, which has got me scared / upset / worried and he told me that he...
  20. J

    Shampoo Allergy??

    Has anyone ever had one, cause I think I picked up a shampoo that has something in it that Im allergic too... because Ive never had any problems with the regular type, but the bottle that I picked up has menthol in it, and I think Im allergic to it, and I itch, itch, itch, Im lucky I had a...