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  1. eddieq

    Happy Birthday Xena!

    9 years young for my cutie pie puppy wuppy doggy woggy with ears that go flippity floppity. Xena for short After all of this time, she still hates having her picture taken Obligatory puppy shot
  2. eddieq

    Nylabone recall Nylabone Products, a dog treat maker, recalled one lot of its Puppy Starter Kit dog chews because it might be contaminated with salmonella, the company said Wednesday. The recalled kits were distributed around the U.S., Canada and "through one domestic...
  3. eddieq

    What makes a good classroom pet?

    Well, I killed the threads instead of merging them. The first page was still in my cache, though, so here is what the conversation was: Feel free to add more. Sorry :)
  4. eddieq

    Fetch me a rocking chair sonny, I'm old

    My 12 year old daughter just came home from middle school chorus practice. She said, "We're singing 'Home Sweet Home' in chorus." When I queried her on the song, she gave me some of the lyrics. I started singing it and saw recognition on her face and she said, "Yes, that's it!" So, move...
  5. eddieq

    Always get a sick kid for Christmas

    Last year this time, we had the Late night drama (with puke inside) incidents. Today, the same kid (now 12) woke me up with the thermometer in her hand, showing me it was 100.7. Fever. No school. I took it again later in the morning and it spiked to 102. She's had motrin and the fever...
  6. eddieq

    Remember the catapult?

    Well, now she's on to making a Rube Goldberg machine in my basement. I got my Christmas tree last night, but I cannot put my trains up yet because the locomotive is "in use" for this physics project. It has been turned into a deadly weapon for the purposes of popping a balloon that holds back...
  7. eddieq

    My wife is in absolute heaven right now

    SyFy has been doing a marathon of disaster movies, all with a winter/snow theme. She loves this crap. The more of a "B" movie, the better. Right now, we're watching "Snowmageddon" and she's counting down the next hour until "The 12 Disasters of Christmas" starts. :rofl1:
  8. eddieq

    Prayers for my mom, please

    Heard from my dad a few hours ago that he brought my mom to the hospital to get checked out. She had been vomiting and having other issues for a few days. They found a hernia that was strangulating the intestine and are operating right now. So, please send your prayers and vibes to PA for...
  9. eddieq

    Ah, physics class, how I love thee

    One thing I miss about being old is that I don't get to have fun high school physics projects anymore :( But, I get to live vicariously through my kids! This is how we spent our time during the hurricane and the school closings that came from it. We made a catapult for my daughter's...
  10. eddieq

    Slow Loris? Never heard of one

    But holy crap it's cute!
  11. eddieq

    If you are accidentally banned...

    We have had an onslaught of spambots lately and, unfortunately, there is sometimes "collateral damage". If you are banned for an unknown reason or are banned as a "spammer" and feel it was in error, you can take a couple of different steps to get "unbanned". 1. If you are personally in...
  12. eddieq

    Beware - do NOT look directly into the brindle

    It has powers you know not. I have a light day today and am working from home. I had to run an errand and brought Xena and my youngest daughter with me. Xena needed a pit stop, so we stopped by the local park with a dog trail (bag stations like every 100 yards). The park has a...
  13. eddieq

    Sparks!! This one's for you! :D
  14. eddieq

    Happy Mother's Day ladies

    To all of your ladies who are moms in any way - Happy Mother's Day! Hopefully you get to relax on your special day!
  15. eddieq

    Cooking with the children

    I can has ribs? She was asking all week, "Daddy, when are we doing the ribs? I want to help!" She was going to do some trimming, but the last two racks were still partially frozen and I had to do them. She did all of the rub, though - including making it. THIS is one of the reasons...
  16. eddieq

    I will not join the K-Cult

    My brother and a bunch of my friends all have these Keurig coffee makers. Even my parents have one. They are constantly telling me how awesome they are. Personally, I'm happy with our Cuisinart drip coffee maker and plain old Master Blend. Nothing fancy. I keep telling them that I refuse to...
  17. eddieq

    Neighbor's got a new pup

    Neighbors just got a puppy. Little husky. She's cute and evil at the same time. Some camera phone shots from this weekend...
  18. eddieq

    Five years ago today

    My brindle beast was born. I can't believe she's already 5 :yikes: She went from this: To this: Happy Birthday Xena!!
  19. eddieq

    Driving music for all occasions

    Driving home the other night, "Cool the Engines" by Boston came on. This is my all time favorite "Drive Fast" song. So I started thinking about the other "occasion" driving songs. Staying Awake Song: More of an entire album, really. I used to pop in "Paradise Theater" by Styxx for this...