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    Sandwich/waffle press

    I got one for my birthday :D I've never had one before. What kind of sandwiches do you guys make with them? If you have one of course...
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    Fiona's bday is tomorrow and I still haven't bought a present!!!!

    I can't decide. I was originally going to get her a water table which I still think she'd really like. But now I've found a kitchen in my price range and she loves those as well. Plus there is a potty doll that comes with toilet and bathroom accessories that I think she'd like...
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    Rescue dog from 9/11 CLONED

    Heroic 9/11 hound cloned five times - Science
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    Have you taken advantage of their user names? I like it. it's much easier then having someone search for you by name or email. I'm www.facebook .com/sharajj
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    College courses

    I'm registering tomorrow... so anyone want to help me with input or watch me freak out and second guess myself... well, check back. I need to pick one of these: They all sound interesting. <sigh>
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    Has anyone had one? There is a beautiful peach one at the spca. They have her by a drafty door and are eager to place her so I'm pondering.... I know they sing a lot. Is it all day? Are they quiet at night? What else? Do they need company?
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    Spider solitaire

    I'm so addicted. Steve says "pay attention to me! I should never have shown you that game" ppfffttttt go back to your ps2 :p :rofl1:
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    Nanook is showing signs....

    ...of age :eek: :( See when we got her she's all smooth. no little grey flecks here you can see she has brown markings (scars?) on her face and flecks of grey But she's still gorgeous. Don't you think?? and a little crazy :rofl1:
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    I've been very lazy

    So here's some pics from my visit to Alberta and my visit with you know who :D :D and if you don't you'll be able to guess in a heartbeat There is one in my flickr account that doc wouldn't want me to post so if you want to see it you'll have to find it yourself :rofl1:
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    Cracked heels

    What causes them!!! All of my life I've had nice skin on my feet. Never needed to moisturize or exfoliate. Now I've got dry heels that crack if I slide at all on the moisturizing and exfoliating. And it's driving me nuts. Is it an aging thing??? Why do they keep coming back?? Do I not get them...
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    Fiona's birthday

    She's two in a couple weeks and I'm going to get her this I think Toys"R"Us - Water Wheel Play Table Plus a party at the lake he he :D
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    My sis and me ... a long time ago

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    We have a dog ... sort of...

    A car pulled up in our parking lot and then sped out. And then we saw a small gsd cross dog running around the parking lot. Steve went out and caught her. Poor thing is very skittish but well groomed and chubby. We can only keep her for the night and then she has to go to the spca :(
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    What kind of fish does your dog eat? I'm thinking about going raw again in the next month or two. Nanook always gets sick when she eats salmon. She's really picky about fish. I'd like her to have it once a week. Is there a kind that dogs tend to love?
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    Goals for your children

    I used to have to and listen to motivational speakers, authors, etc as part of my job and one of them (Michelle Borba I think) said that it's a good idea for parents to decide on one thing they really one to teach their child/children and then reinforce it throughout their lives. Of course, you...
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    Meal planning website

    Does anyone know of a meal planning website. Steve and I are trying to eat more whole foods and stick on a budget by planning things out better. I want a website where I can make meal plans a week or month in advance. Not necessarily a calorie counting one.
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    I'm so excited

    Well, this probably doesn't interest many people but I decided to go back to school and become a teacher. Currently I have a diploma in journalism and a handful of 'extra' first and second year classes. I'm also a few classes short of having my degree in journalism. And in order to...
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    I was sure someone was breaking in this a.m.

    At 4:21 in the morning I woke up to Nanook growling in the living room. I lay still for a moment because our apartment is on the main floor right next to the driveway. She frequently growls at people/pets that get too close to our apartment. But she was not calming down. She was getting...
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    I'm letting Fiona choose the songs from my itunes

    So far she has chosen: Dream on - Areosmith Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane :rofl1:
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    Reasons why Gay Marriage is "wrong".

    All in good fun. Not meant to offend those who are anti-gay marriage.