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  1. amberdyan

    Meet shep

    SO cute! Looks like a snuggler : )
  2. amberdyan

    2016 Official Secret Santa Thread

    I'm in! Dog Name(s): Hugo and River Favourite toys: squishy balls, food puzzles, flat floppy toys... basically they'll play with anything other than the things that crackle. They both find it weirdly unpleasant. Disliked toys: ^ see above crackle toys Favourite treats: Rabbit flavored...
  3. amberdyan

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    Omg how is he so cute...
  4. amberdyan

    What are your dogs' quirks?

    Hugo isn't super quirky, but he HATES cold rainy grass. If it was cold and rainy in the morning, he paces on the sidewalk and then VERY reluctantly steps barely onto the grass to pee and jump back on to the sidewalk. River... is a weirdo. She has more quirks than I can count. When snuggling...
  5. amberdyan

    A papillon and her duck

    She's super cute : ) I love how expressive her eyes are.
  6. amberdyan


    I have no guesses, but she is pretty!
  7. amberdyan

    Chaz puppies of 2016

    I'm in love with Epsilon. I can't wait to watch him grow up. That's an adorable picture of Umney! What happy face boy : )
  8. amberdyan

    Heel tutorial vids

    I used Fenzi's precision heel for Hugo and am using Ellis's for River. I like both.
  9. amberdyan

    My precious Miagi...

    I'm sorry for your loss. He looks like a handsome, special boy.
  10. amberdyan

    Wilson & Piper testing out the new Ella's Lead vegan collar!

    I have definitely used chain martingales with no problem! I think some people who don't know any better associate any kind of chain with a "choke chain."
  11. amberdyan

    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    I posted saying our neighborhood was pretty great... then today I was driving with Hugo in car and passed the house where I knew a border collie lived. They usually let him out in an x-pen (they have no yard) and I see him occasionally. Well, they got a second dog and both dogs were off-leash in...
  12. amberdyan

    Any clue what this could be on my chin?

    It's weird that it's come back in the same place, but it looks like the time I got poison ivy on my chin. It was horrifically itchy and seemed like it took forever to clear up but then it didn't come back. Glad you're going to see a doctor!
  13. amberdyan

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! She's a real cutie : )
  14. amberdyan

    They say people are like their dogs

    Welcome! Holly is super cute. I can't wait to hear more about her! : )
  15. amberdyan

    New look

    I didn't realize what the big deal about quick reply was (it was around before I was) but I already love it. Also... I didn't realize you could now upload a picture from your phone. That might be a game changer for me, lol.
  16. amberdyan

    Sawyer and Starbuck

    Too cute!
  17. amberdyan

    Hero's Thread

    He's like an actual dog and not a puppy! He's is super cute and seems really fun. Also... that flooding is crazy.
  18. amberdyan

    Let's Be Controversial

    Just gonna throw out, I was born a woman and my body is biologically a woman's body and I'm attracted to women. I manage to go to the bathroom and locker rooms with other women without "checking them out." Let's not be so full of yourself that you think that anyone who is attracted to women...
  19. amberdyan

    How are dog owners in your neighborhood?

    Our neighborhood is pretty good. Mostly people who have casual pets that they walk 3-4 times a week and let out in their back yards. The only one that bothers me is this super fat dachshund that lives a few doors down. He is so horrifically overweight and has lost most of his hair. I think they...
  20. amberdyan

    What happened?

    You definitely should. I find that i really miss seeing pictures/hearing updates of the people who aren't on facebook. Even if I barely know them, I really like hearing about everyone's dogs.