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    If you live in Maryland stay away from this pet hotel.

    Ok, the resort is called Olde Towne Pet Resort. A few of the recent camp staff were fired due to we did not agree with the new executive director policy and procedures. Our old executive director was a dog trainer. As she started to work here she did not even introduce herself to us nor tell us...

    Dog gofundme?

    Are we allowed to post dog related gofundme's?

    Tangerine needs a home

    Hello, Every One! I have a dog looking for a home. Tangerine a 3 year old Boxer female mix is looking for a home. Little Tangerine is fixed likes other dogs and is house trained. She is a little shy, but once she knows you the kisses flow! She would be better around older kids due to how shy...

    Hello Everyone! Maryland Pit Bull Ban question.

    I am so sorry I forgot to let you all know about Dallas. Sadly, he was given back to his original owner a few months back. The only thing the owner of where I work cared about was the fact that Dallas's owner did not pay her for the crate she shipped him in. So sorry I forgot to tell you guys I...

    Aww he wants me to have his bone

    I took this of him tonight, It was to dark so I had to put the flash on. I am going to cry so hard once I find him a home.

    Is this normal for his Breed (Am Staff)

    Ok as most of you know about my baby Dallas. This started last week. The owner knows and does not seem to care. I talked to a new co-worker who is a vet assistant. She said it's normal for the breed something about his fur. I don't know it does not sound right it's on all of his paws now but...

    Ok is he an Am staff (American Staffordshire Terrier) I was told he wasn't.

    Hello, this my son he needs a home by the way. However, I have asked and people told me he isn't an am staff due to his head is to big or he is to muscular. I thought he was an American Staffordshire Terrier. I know my breed. I have a video of him if needed. Thank you

    Dallas AMStaff

    I made this of a dog who needs a home at my job that is my baby I love him. He is like a son to me.

    Ok is there anything I can do to report the company owner anonymously?

    Ok is there anything I can do to report the company or owner anonymously? Hello, have not been here in forever any who OK before I start don't get me wrong, I love this job it's just these dogs she is taking. OK I work at an animal hotel, I would say the name of the place, but she knows a lot...

    Husky question?

    Ok there is this Husky name Liko at my job this is the freak below. That's his nickname by the way. FreakO Any way I was told he only does this to me. This is a EVERY day thing when i come he talks and all then when he is ready to lay down he make sure he is facing me and he sits or lays...

    Are you serious

    Not sure where to put this. Oh, so sorry for the poor grammar Ok we have this Bloodhound at my job Best Friends Pet Care, as you know they (Bloodhounds) can get pretty big. Now this dog is almost a year. I'm 5'7 she is about kind of up near my waist. This dog does not know how to sit, stay or...

    Gangsta P

    They are not my dogs they are campers where I work. I do plan to steal a LiKo. His name is Pinot (said as P No). Nick Name by me Gangsta P. As you know I had to add the FREAK Liko (Husky). Gangsta P FREAKO LiKo What the hell are you looking at Liko. He was looking for the...

    Hershey's Obsession

    Hershey's Obsession

    talking dog

    YouTube - Husky Dog Talking - " I love you" YouTube - I Love You - Talking Dog - Amazing Husky! YouTube - Talking dogs

    This is what happens when you let a one year old out in the world.

    Oh lord! lol I was at work. YouTube - Crazy 1 year old dog

    A murder caught on tape

    YouTube - A murder caught on tape

    Era Forums

    We are an open off topic forum. Animal topics are very much welcome there. But we all know dogs rule.:lol-sign: Thank you staff also needed

    A few questions

    I am a camp counselor at my job. I have these two dogs ones a lab and one a German Shepherd mix. The lab all day this dog has the same look on his face. If I am not in there he comes to the window and looks at me with these crazy faces. I just wish I could get a good pic of the face he makes...

    True Blood?

    Any True blood fans on here. I love this show I just saw the season finally.:(

    Pet travel

    Thought i would share. Pack the chew toys and catnip. Americans are hitting the road this summer and taking their pets with them. MSNBC’s Harriet Baskas has tips to keep you and your pet comfortable while traveling.