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  1. Sunnierhawk0

    I'm backkkkkkk

    Peek a Boo!!!!!!! I have faitfully returned to my ChazHound message board!!!! Way to much to talk about in one post... but here is my one big HIIIII:lol-sign: Glad to be back in the mess of things! Ryan
  2. Sunnierhawk0

    New pics of the gang

    New pictures since we ( Spy, Kodak and I) moved back to Texas. Needless to say, Naughty really missed her sisters lol. The girls "protecting" the yard from the neighbor kids lol Naughty says... "wha?!" Spider likes her bones... Lookit the reach and drive! LOL
  3. Sunnierhawk0

    Oh Give Me A Break!

    Well my mother *Finally* came home from the hospital from this whole ordeal that happened August 1st. Not 5 hours outta the hospital and she was already abusing her medication x.x I am not doing this. I can't live like this, and so, I am taking measures into my own hands. I have taken...
  4. Sunnierhawk0

    First Major League Baseball Game...

    So last night I went to my first "major league" baseball game... and had a friggin blast. I was screaming, booing, cheering... yes, I think I like sporting events haha. Went with my friend, her dad nad brother. They want me to go to hockey games with them... they say I will fit in just perfectly...
  5. Sunnierhawk0

    Preping for GED...

    So Im going to take my GED test on Oct 2nd... and to say the least, in the math part... I am sunk. Anyone know any good teaching sites, ect that could help me with graphs, slope of lines, percents, ect? *ish scared*
  6. Sunnierhawk0

    Baby Here, Baby There....

    Seems like everywhere I turn, there is stuff about babies! Not only on chaz, but on tv, commericals, heck, I even watched Baby Momma last night :rofl1: The babies are taking over! Hopefully someone isn't trying to tell me something.. *keeps legs closed tightly with a "do not pass"...
  7. Sunnierhawk0

    Dying my hair black...

    So I have toyed with the idea for a bit now to take the plunge and dye my hair black. Now its normally a medium borning brown. I dyed it about 4-5 weeks ago a really dark brown, but its almost like it took the color and just lightened it up. Doesnt help I had the blonde highlights left in it...
  8. Sunnierhawk0

    Are you ready for some football?

    Woot Woot Cowboys vs Eagles. BRING IT ON BABY! LETS GO COWBOYS LETS GO!:popcorn:
  9. Sunnierhawk0

    2 New Additions!

    I have wanted fish for ALONG time.. and I finally got them! I orignally set out to buy 1.... but ended up with 2 LOL They finally made it home LOL "Fishy Kingdom" "E.T. is one po'd fish" "E.T says "Shove Off Elliott"
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    So for the past couple days, I have been smelling this foul odor in the kitchen. I didnt know what it was, so had the front door open, just airing out the smell . But it was particulary strong tonight, so I was going to do some dishes, and then go on a hunt for the smell. Well I start washing...
  11. Sunnierhawk0

    Fill The Boot

    So in town today they have the firemen/paramedics set up to "Fill THe Boot" for the Jerry Lewis telethon. Maybe I have been living under a rock for the last 21 years, but I didnt know that the FD and such get in on this telethon??? I always thought you just called in and donated...
  12. Sunnierhawk0

    Where is the cold front??

    So I am back in Arkansas working for the weekend before I pack up and leave back for Tx on Wednesday. Now, the weatherman promised some rain, and a cold front... Now its 90 some odd degress, sun shining at its mightist.... I ask you.. IS THIS FAIR?!!! :mad:
  13. Sunnierhawk0

    Wish me luck

    Hi All, Know its been awhile since I updated, but its been rather.. crazy around here. I am still in TX, infact I am leaving this morning to drive up to Arkansas, gonna work the kennel this weekend, and then sadly, I am moving back down here. There is far too much family trouble and woes to...
  14. Sunnierhawk0

    Making your own memorial cards? URGENT!

    Hi All, Sorry have been so quiet, things have been up and down. But more on that later. We decided to have a small memorial service for my aunt, this coming Saturday. But, we want to make our own memorial cards. You know the things they hand out at funerals? We are looking for a low...
  15. Sunnierhawk0

    Spider's finishing picture

    Here is her finishing picture from San Antonio. My skirt color plays with her topline a bit, goes to show you, you really SHOULD care what color you wear LOL
  16. Sunnierhawk0

    In Need of Prayers, vibes, thoughts... anything you can spare

    Wow.. I am just... wow. I dont even know what to say, and I just feel numb. Last night my aunt was found dead in her kitchen floor, of a over dose, by a family member. My mother was found right beside her, overdosed as well, but barley alive. They both have had and fought battle with...
  17. Sunnierhawk0

    Sad to see July end...

    Well, I have had a really great and very blessed July, if I do say so myself. July 9th- Finished Spider's AKC Championship July 17th- Got my driver's licsence! At 21, it was about time if I do say so myself July 20th - Won $60 at BINGO ... yes, BINGO is about the only entertaining...
  18. Sunnierhawk0

    Spider Finished!

    Well going into this show we only needed 1 major and now she is finished! Yesterday my girl finished going Winner's Bitch/Best of Winner's/Best of Opposite Sex for a 4 pt major Today went BOS again to the #1 Rottie in the country I am just floating way up high on cloud 9 :-)
  19. Sunnierhawk0


    Finally got some pics of Spy n Kodak :) Its been 2 months since we moved here, and Kodak has lost ALOT of her fattiness and they are both just happy campers :-) Best pic of Kodak I've ever gotten – Chillin at the kennel office "I haf the toy!" "Its too hot today! I need shade!"
  20. Sunnierhawk0

    4 Pt Major

    So the breeding didnt take... but we did pick up a 4 pt major at the Gray Summit, MO shows. Picture looks horrible. Love my rain soaked hair and my rain gear, and I completley set up her rear horrible, not far back enough. Her topline is dead level, when I set it up CORRECTLY. LOL She never...