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    Companion Dog

    Apparently posting "Mimi got her CD" in the musing/vent thread wasn't acceptable. :) Here's the whole story. Mimi's breeder messaged me at the end of January saying if Mimi got her CD, she'd earn her Champion of Versatility title from the Whippet club, did I think we could do it? If I got...
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    Dear whippets, seriously?!?!

    Look in the same direction... REALLY? Because she's cute. He's a dork They're both too sweet.
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    I have major want... but does anybody know if there's a similar product that isn't just shy of $900? I'd want the divider, too, for another $350. I don't have THAT much want. Heck, I haven't even measured the space in my car. I probably shouldn't do that...
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    I have a problem!

    I can't stop looking for deals... I think Ezra is set for a while. Mimi, too, when she's done with the kibble!
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    Let's see yours!
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    Merle Mix

    Apparently he's super energetic, maybe 25 lbs and just over 9 months old. So.. what do you think he is? Current theory is collie mix. I'll meet him next week. Oh, and he's not mine. My friend (also with Whippets) picked him up today with the intent to officially adopt him
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    New Addition

    8 months old, still nameless... Picked him up about 1pm Sunday, he had his first meal with me about 5pm yesterday. Yay for easy eaters!
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    Bikes, harnesses and roadwork

    Because title =/= creative. I'm wanting to do some roadwork with the Whippets this year and am starting from square 1. I need a bike, I want to get harnesses.. Not entirely sure where to start. What do you like? How far do you go? What sort of equipment? I've done some reading but want...
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    Mini Photo Shoot

    First off, the old lady, because she deserves to go first. She'll be 16 on April 29th and lives with my parents. Next Ezra, because he's a stellar model and the light was kind of neat. And Mimi, poor girl is in standing season and wasn't really thrilled with being outside in the...
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    Louisville Cluster/Trial

    Anyone going? For what?? Next weekend!! I'll be there all four days because my parents live nearby. Hoping to swing by agility, my trainer and a couple friends are running. :) Another friend is doing her first Rally.. Trial? Class? What's a rally competition called?
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    Making this thread.. because Beanie, Yvonne and a Finkie told me to do such. BOB! Thrilled! We stayed for groups. Mimi has been in the group ring three times in the last year. Once with my little sister (my sister's FIRST show ever, group 4 at a huge cluster!), and twice with...
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    Sighthounds Don't Swim.

    At least, according to Mimi. She's not a fan of the whole 'water' thing. She has her life vest as well as an inflatable e-collar to help keep her head up. She doesn't panic in the water, but seems to forget to move all her parts at the same time. Pleading eyes. "I hate this."...
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    Snakes - Talk to Me!

    What do you have? Pictures? What would you get? Talk me out of it! Someone tell me I DON'T need a snake!
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    2014 Show/Sport Schedule

    What does everyone have on the books for 2014? Anything coming up or do you wait for better weather? Agility, conformation, rally/obedience, coursing, barn hunt, dock jumping and whatever else you do with your dogs!
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    Mini Photo Dump

    New DSLR… some of these shots aren't perfect, but ah well. Thought I'd share! Pretty boy. Such a good sport. More of these on my Facebook. BOOP. A little overexposed, but… DINOSAUR IMPRESSION. Pretty girl, always. Laps with 9 year old Lacey. Ezzie...
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    Skinnies' Secret Santa

    First off, THANK YOU to my Secret Santa. :D Second.. SORRY for the mostly bad pictures. Speedy Skinnies plus slow phone camera with bad lighting equals... blur. lol Visual speed! Third, I'm guessing our Santa is AliciaD?! Now down to the fun stuff. As always, the posing...
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    Ezra goes first. He LOVES the 'bunny'. Mimi went next. She's learning to whippet. :) Tuck butt and RUN. Then turned them loose together to play. Ezra is a cow. He gets told off for it. Aaannnndd... I swear they're supposed to bend like that... 0.o This is...
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    Cold Laser?

    Anyone have any experience with Cold Laser Therapy or Low-Level Laser Therapy? I have an appointment this evening with Ez - I think he might have torn a tricep to some degree this past weekend. REALLY hoping I'm wrong, but I've been massaging/stretching him daily because his has a wonderfully...
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    Picky Eaters

    The Whippet I want to gain weight is 'meh' about food more often than not, and the Whippet in good show weight (could lose a pound since we're transitioning to a 'sport' weight), would happily eat me out of house and home. TRADE APPETITES, PLEASE. They both get Earthborn Holistic (switch...
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    Dog Tag Information?

    I'm getting ready to order tag collars for the Skinnies. They're nekkid most of the time except for walks etc., but I travel with them frequently and would hate for something to happen and them get loose or lost. Going with GDS brightly colored TufFlex (pink and red) so hopefully if someone...