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    Dog beds

    Hello! I just changed my dogs bed and I bought Big Barker. Big Barker has stayed in shape. I have found the perfect, comfortable and well made bed for our dog. I browsed online and found good reviews at happypetsnow. Added to that it's very durable for my dogs back. :)
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    Better to read them at night time so the intense is there! :cheers:
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    Describe your dog(s) in 3 words

    Gold, Big and Lovable :cool:
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    I'm into Stephen King and Anne Rice books :yikes:
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    Living far from family

    Well, in my case I'm really close to my family especially my Mom. Right now I'm living really far from her and at first it was difficult for me since I missed her so much but I'm in the right age and living with my partner. Decision made me think that I did the right thing. That thing called...