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    Hi, been too long!

    Hello everyone. I'm not new here, I haven't been in a long time. Thought I would post and say hello to everyone again. :D
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    What do you know about Corgi's for a breed? We have a herder mix who loves a corgi friend of his. Any thoughts?
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    Car Chaser Help

    Help. Our guy, Ranger, is getting better, but it's so slow going on this one. I'm wondering if I'm doing it wrong. He is excited by cars. Especially cars moving along an otherwise quiet street. In the city? He's fine, just walks along looking for pigeons. What we do now is shuttle him...
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    Another Photo Post

    I'm just writing to say I haven't forgotton I promised photos of the Ranger. I spent all night looking into reducing the size of the photos because mine are around 790 kb, and the site will only take 64. So, that said, I will continue tomorrow looking through the various posts. Should have...
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    Agility, Do we do it?

    Hi! Our BC mix is not "high strung" just "high energy". Hope that makes sense. He has completed all the basic classes, and is enrolled in some off leash outdoor training. My husband is taking herding classes with him. I tried Rally, but we both were not into it. So, with Agility...
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    Up and Jumping

    Hello! I have a question about teaching our dog "Up!". My friend says this is bad because he will be encouraged to jump. I disagree... Here is the history. Ranger was a jumper-greeter as a puppy. Through positive training we taught him to not jump when he greets by turning and walking...
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    red stains/gooey paws

    :( Our 55 lb mixed breed active male... has some sticky feet. He also has a vet appointment Tuesday.... Here is what I found. When looking at his paws his white hair in between his toes is stained kind of a darkish red color, I would call it dried blood color. I have not found any dried...
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    Hi, I'm going by maui, but I don't live in Hawaii anymore. Glad to be here! We have a cute mutt who gives us a lot of love, laughs, and, well, other things. I appreciate all the help I have already received here from all your posts... thought joining in would be fun! -maui