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    Border Collies!

    We have a BC mix, and we're in constant contact with pure bred BCs. We herd with our guy and he's grateful for it. BCs need a lot of exercise. Exercise is not work. Exercise alone will not tire a. BC brain. A walk to a BC would be like you learning the copy machine at work after...
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    what breed?

    The GLD breed. Great Looking Dogs! They look a tad lanky for Lab pups, more like Golden pups. But, I see a little hound look on the face in the photo. What is the personality that's coming out? That will tell you tons!
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    Hi, been too long!

    Ranger is good thanks. Hot Spots, etc. Getting better, but what a load of work. What breed is Peanut?
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    How old are you?

    well... I'm over 18! So, it's impolite to say, right? Which probably gives it away by saying that. I'm Gen X. That much I'll say. :-)
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    Need to stop caffeine... Ideas?

    Try having a tiny amount sugar & protein in the morning, earlier than you normally would. Like a hardboiled egg and something sweet, like good jam on some toast. Stay away from all carb breakfasts, they'll make it worse for you. But, a little sugar will wake you up, the protein will level you...
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    Hi, been too long!

    You won't believe it! I've been out and about. Out painting, out walking, out traveling... been great. Missed you all here though. Looks like there are a lot of new members. How is peanut, what a cutie!
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    Morning barks

    No that you want to hear this first thing in the morning... An air horn is quite effective.
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    Hi, been too long!

    Hello everyone. I'm not new here, I haven't been in a long time. Thought I would post and say hello to everyone again. :D
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    Clipper recommendations

    Hello! Been awhile since I've been to the forums... Our guy has a hot spot problem. I want to shave him, or clip rather. Went to pet edge and picked up a professional clipper, on the way. Okay, here's the thing: I know nothing, and I mean nothing, about doing this. I gave him a nice...
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    New Game....

    Essence of Emeril is spicy!
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    I've also been planting flowers today :)

    Lobelia, Allysum, Impatients, Salvia, Pink Leafy Things, Dusty Miller, Little Marigolds, Snapdragons... phew! It was a busy weekend here too. And, we're not done yet!
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    Guys make me Laugh lol

    This is way too much girly information. Sorry guys, but I have to share! Whenever I am unshowered, wearing unflattering clothes, and men are acting like bees I ask myself, "Am I ovulating?" and guess what?! Always am!
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    What do you know about Corgi's for a breed? We have a herder mix who loves a corgi friend of his. Any thoughts?
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    Training opinion Please

    Exactly what Creature Teacher, Doberluv, & Renne said up there ^ is what we do in our dog park class. "Talking" is fine when he's asking for what he wants... "Go away, I'm busy." Don't sniff back there, again" But if he continues to growl and go after the other dog "Hey, I said I'm busy...
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    Worst weekend

    What a horrible weekend indeed, Nedim! My thoughts go out to you and your community. I hope they find those responsible. Kisses to Peanut.
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    I am a big softy.

    It's a show with a cute host, Ty, who runs around in a cute excited entertaining way. Generally this involves yelling, airhorns, more yelling into a video camera, and some megaphones. ( I think he is technically the General Contractor in charge. ) He shows the design team and construction...
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    Ice Cream

    Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip, becaue the chocolate is a flake and not a chip, so it melts on your tounge. YUM! And... The new Haagen Dazs Vanilla Bean. Yummy with Rhubarb sauce.
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    The person below me ...

    I meant to say... "Dislikes a slide"
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    The person below me ...

    (hmmm. I've never played a chocolate slot machine. But, hey, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.") False, I don't like the phone much anymore. I.M.!! The person below me likes to use a diving board and dilikes a slide.
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    Teeth Whiteners

    I use the crest white strips. I love them! I kind of mash the stip on my teeth, making sure to get the goo inbetween so the top isn't white and stained on the sides, make sense? Also, talk about freshening up your mouth! Woo Hoo! If you have a crown or any bonding, be careful of whitening...