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    Cuteness Overload....squeeeee!

    You have been warned, click at your own risk;)
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    Adorable Naughty dogs Great start to a Monday.
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    Advice needed/ home aggression

    Gracie gets along with other dogs (as long as they don't jump on her) outside our home. My mom's puppy she has a HUGE amount of patience with. Turning her head from side to side, accepting licks. Only getting aggravated with her when she constantly jumps on her. Even then she warning growls or...
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    Pets before and years after adoptions
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    Friend needs puppy advice

    So my friend Christina found this puppy walking on a busy road....they have decided to keep her. The only issue is she's already guarding the house. Growls and barks at people when they come inside. My advice was she should let the puppy meet the people outside, get to know them before they go...
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    Sweet baby Resa

    Our first foster has died. I failed her. I trusted the woman we adopted them to. She called and told me Resa was sick, I told her to take her to the vet. She told me she couldn't get her there before they closed. I instructed her to take her first thing in the morning. I called to check on her...
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    Update on Vidia

    For those of you who sent vibes/prayers for Vidia, thanks again. She has completely recovered from her uri and hopefully will be going to her forever home on Wednesday. The lady has a 6 month old calico who is inside only and spayed. Sounds great so far!!
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    Vibes needed for Vidia

    We brought home a new foster Thursday, a beautiful tortoiseshell kitten. As usual (from our shelter here) she has a URI. The vet is keeping her until Monday due to fever and congestion. On a lighter note....the shelter named her Tinkerbell because she is so tiny. However after seeing how fast...
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    Ringworm is still here

    Our last set of foster kittens had ringworm. Despite being quarantined in the bathroom and lots of hand washing...we all got it. The vet said we could use the kids' prescription cream on Zoey (our kitten) and Gracie. Zoey started out with just a spot on her ear but now has 2 more on her body...
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    Our fosters gave us ringworm..HELP!

    One of our last foster kittens had ringworm. Even though we kept them quarantined in the bathroom one of my daughters and I both have it. We went to the dr and got some cream. But now our kitten Zoey has one on her ear. The other kitten had pills to get rid of it which I figure we will also get...
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    Vibes and prayers for Resa/Luna

    The lady that adopted Penny and Resa was not charged an adoption fee instead she was to take them for their vetting. She hasn't taken them. Tonight she texted me to ask me what vet to take them to and told me Resa (who is now Luna) is having diahrea, where she can't make it to the litterbox...
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    Fundraiser idea..opinions needed

    We are trying to raise money for the cat rescue we foster through. I found this website that sells cute animal car magnets for only $1.25 and bracelets for ¢99 . Could ya'll take a look and post which ones you like? I'd like to get an idea on which ones would sell the best...
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    Teaching Gracie to play gently with kitten..any ideas

    Under advice our last foster kittens stayed in a seperate room and we waited for them to get bigger before gradual introductions. They never got used to eachother before they were adopted. This kitten, Zoey we got at 2 weeks old, so I was constantly carrying her feed her, wipe her...
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    Name help for new foster kitten

    Penny and Resa (our first foster kittens) were adopted into the same home. YAY! Now we have an approximately 2and half week old kitten. Her sibling and her were thrown in to the dog kennels at one of our local animal shelters. The person wasn't caught. The sibling didn't make it. Ours ended...
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    I get to help pick adopters for our fosters!!

    Cari (rescue lady) says she wouldn't dream of adopting out our babies without my consultation and even wants me to talk with potential families. Help me with questions to ask. It's in their contract that they have to keep inside, keep Utd on shots and spay/neuter. So far want to ask...
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    Wish us luck!

    Tomorrow is the annual Honeybee Festival. Gracie will be in the dog show (all proceeds to benefit local rescue) Last year Gracie won 2 nd place in tricks. I had her sit and down, I think we placed because everyone else had to use treats. This year I've taught her to spin around and to jump...
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    Introductions yet?

    Our foster kittens are barricaded in our bathroom. We have a box of blinds in front of the door (the babies are small enough to squeeze under it) with the Kitty litter container pushed against it. Every time we open the door Penny tries to run out. Several escape attempts have been made. When I...
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    New babies need help already! URGENT

    We picked up two kittens from the shelter to foster today. They are roughly 3 and 4weeks old. The youngest is doing fine drinking kitten formula out of a saucer and eating some wet food. But Penny has only eaten .7 on the bottle formula. Her eyes are runny but it's clear and she's congested...
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    Rachel (girl wiith kittens) says she felt judged because she didn't have money for the vet. She said Cari (rescue lady) could only discount not pay vettng and Rachel had no money. Now she says kitten is having some "balance issues". I mentioned this to Cari who goes on a tirade" she didn't...
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    Ethical/morals question

    Ok backstory: I've been communicating with a local cat rescue about fostering kittens. We agree Gracie would do better with young kittens (who have never exxperienced a dog). Yes they will be in seperate rooms and introduced gradually. Anyway, Cari (the cat lady) tells me she thinks she has...