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  1. Stingr69

    Tick SUCK

    We have had a very bad time with tics this year. We have been pulling plenty of normal sized tics off all summer long. The final straw was this AM when I found a number of super tiny ticks on Ditte's ears. They are SO small that I had to use some high powered magnification just to ID them...
  2. Stingr69

    Oh crap! Now which one is mine?!?!?!

    OH Crap!! Which one is mine?!?!?! I was at the Arkansas Kennell Club show yesterday and happened upon this scene in the hall. Truly beautiful retrievers here but they were all virtually IDENTICAL. I could not tell them apart at all. Saw a few Paps but not that many. It was the national...
  3. Stingr69

    Newb here!

    Hi! My name is Mark and we have (2) Papillons. They both came from reputable responsible breeders. "Snoop Dogg" is about a year and a half old, white & black male and we have a hound tri-color 6 month old female named "Ditte". Hope to add something and assist where I can while I ask for help...