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    I've got a hedgehog with a gammy leg in my spare hutch. A neighbour had spotted the poor little fellow in their garden. We phoned a friend who works at a sanctuary and she said to bring him home and give him some dog food and water and an old pillow case to sleep on. We are taking him to the...
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    This has probably already been shown here on chaz.... but just incase ...Iams
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    puffed jerky... good or bad

    I have just bought some puffed jerky for Minnie. What is everyones oppinion on this stuff? It is supposedly just dried fresh meat, although it does not state what meat LOL! I'm guessing that is is probably better for her than a lot of the usual treats out there but not sure. The actual one...
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    I have noticed that it is ant time again. I spotted a couple in my house yesterday and already they are moving their friends and family in. I generally do get ants every year to some degree, and putting ant powder down is usually my defense system, but now I have a dog I am unsure as to what I...
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    What to do?

    I noticed that Minnie was licking at her paw a bit yesterday so when we were snuggled up on the settee together in the evening I took her paw and had a look. At first I could see nothing but then when I spread her pads I found a little cut just between her toes. Do I leave well alone or does it...
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    Rolling in icky sticky stuff!

    Why do dogs roll in icky stinky stuff, decomposing animals and poo and stuff!!! I know that it is an instinct of some sort but I have no idea why? It is a disgusting nasty habit, that for my dog only brings about the dreaded bath routine LOL
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    Lost my Dad recently!

    i know that you didn't know him but he was a fantastic person and a true animal lover. I miss him so much. He was only 72! http://
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    A sketch of Minnie

    A watercolour sketch of Minnie when she was a tiny pup
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    How many pets do you all have?

    I have 14 plus lots of fish!
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    Dog Parks?

    I am just curious... We don't have 'dog parks' where I live. I am presuming that they are mainly in America? There is a lot of talk about them here at Chaz and there seem to be lots of bad things happen in these parks... are you not allowed to walk your dogs off leash in people parks in America?
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    Minnie has really found her voice!

    I have noticed that Minnie has started barking a lot more lately. She is almost a year old and I was just wondering if the barking is just normal for her age or if it likely to have been sparked by something. And should I be discouraging her from this? I guess it could become a annoying if she...
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    prep for agility

    Agility classes start in two weeks time. I have been working on 'watch me' and hope to have this sorted with distractions by then, which I hope will help but was wondering what would be the best preparation other than this, in the opinion of other agility members?...bearing in mind the short...
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    Walking to heal

    What is the best way to teach a dog to walk to heal?
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    Why do dogs occasionally eat grass? Some people seem to think that it is just normal behavior, others say it means your dog is ill?
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    What do you all think of HiLife?
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    I am a tad confused by the effects these have on dogs.... I was under the impression that cerials should be kept to a minnimum because dogs are not intended to eat these really AND I was under the impression that they may make dogs hyper? I was reading on a different forum that said unless a dog...
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    Other peoples feet!

    I have noticed that when I am out and about with Minnie, that when we meet other dog owners she will often greet the other dog and then go and greet the owner but then sometimes she goes and lies between their (the dog owners) feet? I used to think that this was for protection from the strange...
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    Supermarket dog food!

    It seems to be the general consensus around here that all dog food which is readily available and affordable is rubbish? Why is this the case? Is it purely because 90% of dog owners do not want to buy anything else? No offence iontended to anyone here but are some owners just way over the top...
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    Has anyone heard of Argo Holmevale? Minnie seems to like this dog food but having read all kinds of stuff in this forum I am guessing that it is not one that is recomended LOL.