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    New Food Switch?

    After reading 'euthanasia drug in dog food' sticky, I realized thanks to Mordy that the Purina dog chow that I feed my dogs isn't that great. We have four dogs and all of them eat Purina. Does anybody have a food that we should switch too? I'll name each dog, their age, and their problems...
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    Agility Candidate?

    My dog is 8 years old and I was wondering if she can do agility. She is a dachshund mix, and she is overweight and stubborn.
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    Shave or no?

    Veda has a medium black coat, and she does get hot easily. I was thinking of partially shaving her, so she would be cooler. My neighbor's dog has his coat shaved, and even though he looks funny, he doesn't seem cold and he has no irritations on his skin or anything. I live in Arizona so it...
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    Intolerant of Handling??

    My 8 year old Dachschaund mix named Veda has never liked to be held. She'll gladly sit in your lap and she loves to be petted. But as soon as you pick her up she starts breathing hard like she wants me to put her down. When I do, she walks off to do what she was doing before I picked her up...
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    I'll miss them..

    I didn't know where to put this, but here goes. We have four dogs, and thats one dog too many according to Arizona's state laws. They are also stressing my mother and I out. so we decided that two of our dogs have to be taken to the pound. Isabel (jack russel) and Heidi (german shepherd)...
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    Pulling Russel

    Yes, just like Saje, I'm having a pulling problem too. Lets just say, my situation is a bit different. This is my third thread today, but hey! I'm having a lotta problems with my dogs! Anyways, my jack russel Isabel has been pulling ever since she was a puppy. She pulls so hard that she is...
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    I posted another thread in the breeding ground about my female Jack Russel mounting my female Dachshie mix for aggressive reasons. I think its because I spoil Veda (mixed dacshie) by giving her tidbits before Isabel (jack russel) and petting her before Isabel because Veda thrives on...
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    Mating or Aggression??!!

    It all started this morning. My mom said she saw my Jack Russel dominate my other dog, a dachschie/toy spaniel mix by standing over her and pinning her to the floor while my dachschie mix was laying on her back in submissive pose. But later today (twice) I saw the Jack Russel stand over my...
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    Tons of Dog Treat Recipes!

    I found this great site: And I just wanted to share it with everone. It has lots of easy recipes that will spoil your dog silly. ;)
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    German Wirehaired Pointer

    Hello! I think i just discovered my next dream dog!! The German Wirehaired Pointer. I researched on them and their pretty cool, but I want to know more. Does anyone here have a GWP? And I also was confused when I was reading about them. It said their tails were moderately docked. Does that...
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    Bruise or Tumor?

    I noticed that two days ago, my Jack Russel had a bump on the side of her ribcage, almost near her belly on her left side. She has epilepsy, and she had a seizure today. (Not like that has anything to do with it right?) The bump has been there for two days now, and it doesn't seem to be going...
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    New Food Schedule?

    Hello! My Jack Russel, Isabel, and my dachshund/english toy spaniel mix, Veda, have plain old dog food diets. But I occasionally feed them table scraps, which I believe count a little as homemade dog food. But everyone is talking about they feed their dogs this and that, and that this is...
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    Cut Ankle

    I saw a similar thread started by smkie, her dog cut its foot. But Rikka, my German Shepherd, cut her ankle (back right) on a peice of sheet metal. We took her to the vet, and they stitched it and bandaged it. But she has ripped the bandage up, and it has started bleeding again for some...
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    No toys?

    Hello! My senior dog, Veda, doesn't like playing with toys. She's supposedly eight years old (we got her from the pound), and was found on the streets. We suspect that her owners just never played with her when she was little, so she doesn't really know how to play. Is there a way to...
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    Trouble with Stairs

    I just adopted a english toy spaniel/dachshund mix from the pound two days ago. She seems to be taking the transition very well. But no matter how we coax her (with treats, clapping, leash), we can't get her to go up and down our stairs! I was wondering if she had arthiritis (spelling?),and that...
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    *winks* Hi!

    Hi I'm new here! I hope to make many new friends! :D