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    Jerky Tenders by waggin train?

    I'm so glad I found this thread. One of the folks at the dog park gave some of these to Toby, and Toby LOVED them. He would literally follow that lady around begging for more. I asked her where she bought them from and she said Costco. Well, today, I went and bought Toby a bag. Later on, I...
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    Foods NOT affected by recall at Menu Foods

    I don't think anyone can do enough to be considered "over" reacting at this point. Yes, to this date, none of the dry foods have been affected nor recalled. But lets not forget how Menu Foods has reacted and dealt with this whole situation from day one. They let almost a months time go by before...
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    Pet Food Deaths Were Caused By Rat Poison

    I also read on another forum that Natura does use the Menu Foods facility in South Dakota to produce their products!!! :yikes: Toby eats Karma Organic, so I emailed them as well. (Karma is part of Natura). I got an email back stating that Karma Organics is NOT made in a Menu Foods facility...
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    BEWARE of this EVIL KILLER! *disturbing*

    I agree with the above post. I hope they put her away for the rest of her miserable life.
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    :) We've joined this forum for a while now and its a great site!! All you small pups out there, come take a peek!!
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    Do You Dog Blog?

    Hey Loppi, I know!~ :) I added you to mine as well..... hope you don't mind.
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    Do You Dog Blog?

    Me Too!~
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    Dog Insurance

    I am so thankful that I got Toby insurance. He's had some problems with his tummy. Right now, Toby is currently staying at the emergency animal hospital because he had diarrhea and isn't eating or drinking. For a 24 hour stay plus tests and x-rays, the bill is approx. $2000. Back in June...
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    what do you feed your dogs?

    Toby is currently eating Canidae & Timberwolf Organics... He also gets fresh veal, lamb, chicken & veggies too.
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    Flossies Flossies Flossies

    Toby use to be a flossie addict too....but all of a sudden, he decided it wasn't his favorite thing anymore. As for "how often", I don't think I can answer that.... Is she still eating her meals regularly? Are her poops normal? If so, then I think what you're currently giving her flossie-wise is...
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    Tossing out kibble..

    Thanks for the advice. I store Toby's kibble in a tupperware container.... I think the foodsaver is a great idea though!~ And dividing them up into weekly portions makes a lot of sense. Ok, time to go find a food saver....
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    Tossing out kibble..

    I need some advice folks.... I was told by a few other dog lovers that kibble only stays fresh for about a month after the package has been opened. I buy the smallest bag of Canidae and Timberwolf Organics available but Toby never finishes an entire bag within a month... Once the bag has been...
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    Try it yourself!

    A friend sent me this link. Try it out yourself. The computer usually wins. :confused:
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    Calling all Small Dog!!

    Izzy and Frodo, we'd love to see you at Small Breed Dogs too!~ :)
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    Bella the Yorkie

    Bella is adorable!!!! :)
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    How could you?

    I cried when I read this as well..... There are too many people out there that don't understand that a Dog is for Life!!
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    How could you?

    I found this posted on another forum... its so sad...yet happens too often. :( Author Unknown HOW COULD YOU? When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. You called me your child, and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw pillows, I...
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    Calling all Small Dog!!

    I just joined a great new site that's devoted to all Small Breed Dogs!~ Its a fairly new site so come and check it out!~ :) :)
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    some of my artwork :)

    Wow, you got some talent!!! There are a few of them where I couldn't really tell if they were drawings or photos!!! Amazing. Going to go check out your website now.
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    yoshi's at the emergency vets

    We're sending good vibes and thoughts to Yoshi. Hope everything is ok..