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    Tossing out kibble..

    I need some advice folks.... I was told by a few other dog lovers that kibble only stays fresh for about a month after the package has been opened. I buy the smallest bag of Canidae and Timberwolf Organics available but Toby never finishes an entire bag within a month... Once the bag has been...
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    Try it yourself!

    A friend sent me this link. Try it out yourself. The computer usually wins. :confused:
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    How could you?

    I found this posted on another forum... its so sad...yet happens too often. :( Author Unknown HOW COULD YOU? When I was a puppy, I entertained you with my antics and made you laugh. You called me your child, and despite a number of chewed shoes and a couple of murdered throw pillows, I...
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    Calling all Small Dog!!

    I just joined a great new site that's devoted to all Small Breed Dogs!~ Its a fairly new site so come and check it out!~ :) :)
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    Poop Question

    Anyone have advice or some two cents??? I have gone through many different types of food with Toby. We've tried Innova Evo, NRG, Go Natural! and now Canidae. He never really liked any of the first three foods....but for some reason, he loves Canidae. I also home cook for him. I feed Toby 2...
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    Groomer Report Cards

    Toby's groomer recently started giving out "report cards" at the end of their grooming sessions. I think its a neat idea.... It gives the groomer a chance to write down any concerns that they may have spotted during grooming. It also provides the owner with some feedback as to how their pup...
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    Dog poopies...

    Sorry for the poopie in the title....but I need some info.... Toby doesn't seem to quite regular these days. We go for 2 walks a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. He use to go poop regularly twice a day.... But recently, he seems to only go in the morning or in the evening. I...
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    Toby and the "gang" pics.

    Toby didn't want the cat in the picture....BOL!~
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    "Go! Natural" dog food...

    Toby was eating Innova Evo but it seems like he's getting bored of it. We're trying a new food called "Go! Natural" by Petcurean. Anyone else tried this food before?
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    Toby wants to say hi!!

    Just a couple pictures of Toby... I was doing some cleaning and decided it was time to get rid of some of Toby's older toys.... Toby seemed to think otherwise. Here's a picture of Toby guarding his toys... "Anyone got Bounce??" Come visit me!!
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    Website/movie regarding pet overpopulation, WARNING: Graphic pictures, true informat

    This website was sent to me by the local rescue organization. It does have some graphic pictures of injuries and euthanasia, so beware. The really sad part is that is soo much the truth... Have tissues ready if you watch.
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    Learning the basics of hole digging...

    Toby had a play date with my friend's two Jack Russells.... Man, did they ever have a blast! What did shock me was my friends back yard. I know Jacks are built to dig....but there were holes large enough to bury a few dead bodies!!! :) Here's some pics: I apologize for the...
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    Doggy Farts

    Not exactly a "game"...but it kept me amused for a good 10 seconds!~ :) :) :)
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    Doggy Blog??

    Does anyone else out there have a blog or website just for their furry friends? I decided to make one for Toby.... Come check it out!~ And please keep in mind, I'm not the most computer savy person. Please forgive me. :p Anyone else with a site for...
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    How smart are you....?

    :confused: Probably not as smart as you wish to believe. Try this out. I did. I only have "normal" intelligence. :eek:
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    Poopies... please take yours with you!~

    :mad: :mad: Ok, I'm just venting....but why do some folks not pick up their dog's poopies??? It only takes a few seconds to pick it up! I don't appreciate stepping in doggy poop and neither does Toby! Please....just pick it up.
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    TobyLittleDude's Blog

    :) Hi Everyone, I decided to make a Blog for Toby. It contains mostly pictures of well...Toby!~ Check it out if you have time... And yes, it's all about Toby. :)
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    Hi from Vancouver, Canada!~

    Hello Everyone, We're new to this forum. I have an 8th month old Maltese name Toby. He's quite the character! We're happy to be here and can't wait to start exploring this site. Toby & Joyce :)