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  1. GipsyQueen

    Christmas Dinner

    I love hearing about different Christmas tradtions - especially what everyone is having for christmas dinner! :D So - whats on the menu this year? Are you cooking - or are you visiting - how many christmas dinners are you having? :p This year is going to be very... um filling for us. :p We...
  2. GipsyQueen

    Trick Ideas

    Alright, so Zora and I train a new trick each week and we are starting to do tricks that involve me (stuff like she balances on my back or on my stomach while I do a bridge). I need ideas though :p They also need to be something that won't kill me because while she is skinny for her breed, she...
  3. GipsyQueen

    Halloween Costumes!!

    What are you going as for halloween? :popcorn: I've been kind of unmotivated because I had no idea what I wanted to go as but I finally have a costume and now I feel a bit more motivated about halloween ;) So what are you going as? Pictures welcome! :p I'll be looking something like this:
  4. GipsyQueen

    sensitivity to textures

    Is anyone else sensitive to certian textures - as in you can't touch a piece of clothing or sit on a sofa with a certian texture? I've had this for a while but it's been getting out of hand lately and it's driving me insane. I've never been able to touch denim without cringing, and the sound...
  5. GipsyQueen

    Happy 1st Birthday, Zora!

    Zora turns 1 today! This time last year, Easter monday, we were anxiously waiting to hear if the puppies had been born yet! Around 3:50 pm, Zora, first of the girls and heavist in the litter, was born! :) It's been such an amazing year. Zora is such a great dog!
  6. GipsyQueen

    Need some bunny input

    I have a bunny that I took over from a friend a little over a year ago. He wasn't getting great food and not too much movement. In the year we've had him, he's had 2 bladder stones - the first one was huge. The second one was big, but not AS big. :( He also had a cold inbetween... basically he's...
  7. GipsyQueen

    Kitchen appliances!

    The SO and I got a 50€ Amazon gift card, and we'd like to get something cool for the kitchen, but we have no idea what. :p So, what kitchen gadget do you love that we should absolutly have. :p
  8. GipsyQueen

    Pre-Christmas Dinner

    So I was all smart and decided to host a pre-christmas dinner for my friends. I invited 16 people expect like half to come, because it's on the 21st and most students are home already by then, right? wrong. :eek: EVERYONE RSVPed with a yes. So now my dilemma... What the heck do you cook for 16...
  9. GipsyQueen

    Does your dog howl?

    Zora howls. Every time the phone rings, she'll sit infront of it and howl if now one answers. Its the ONLY time she howls. Gipsy never howled! So does your dog(s) howl? If so, when and why? :p
  10. GipsyQueen

    Resilient dogs?

    Is your dog resilient? And if so, how do you deal with it? Zora just doesn't get it someone times. You can reprimand all you want, tie her up and ignor her all you want, she just does not get it sometimes. For example: Right now, leash manners are a problem again. A few weeks ago, she...
  11. GipsyQueen

    Anyone else having a problem with gmail?

    I seem to not be recieving all my e-mails these past few days - mostly replies to something I sent. It's rather annoying... Is anyone else having this problem? :eek:
  12. GipsyQueen

    Office Attire - basics?

    So. Since I'm working full time for a semester this year, I actually have to buy some office attire since what I have now is enough for working twice a week. :p I don't want to work in jeans so I need to do some boring office cloths shopping. :'( I have no idea what I really need and how much...
  13. GipsyQueen

    constant barking?

    I.AM.ABOUT.TO.GO.INSANE. Siriously. Zora is like my velcro - and I love her to pieces, but I can't always do stuff with her, or I just want to hang out on the couch and watch TV. She however, does not understad. If I want to do something besides playing with her, or cuddling her, she barks...
  14. GipsyQueen

    When did you start Hiking with a puppy?

    I'm staying at my parents for a few weeks to watch Zora (yay puppy sitting) and I want to do some fun hiking and such with her. She's 18 weeks on monday. She can take pretty long walks, but when she over tires she gets.... well... annoying. She's too heavy to really carry far distances, so I...
  15. GipsyQueen

    How vocal is your dog?

    How vocal is your dog - and why do they bark? Zora is WAY more vocal than Gipsy and she barks for totally different reasons. Gipsy would bark if someone rang the door, or she saw guest, or someone was in the yard. SOMETIMES if someone was walking by. Zora barks for none of these reasons -...
  16. GipsyQueen

    windows 8 users?

    has anyone been able to get rid of the forced updates? I'm trying to work on something I'd really kind to finish today but mz lovely laptop feels need to fail at updating and take ages to configure! I do not have half an hour or more every other day to restart my laptop esp. if I have on say in...
  17. GipsyQueen

    Do you have set places at the dinner table?

    So. Do you? :popcorn: (Saw this on Apartment therapy, and thought I'd ask here. ^^) We always sit in the same seats. When we moved from the US to here we took our dinner table, but the seating changed. I stole a better spot and bumped my mom to the end of the table. :p SO and I have the...
  18. GipsyQueen

    Fear of other dogs?

    Zora gets nervous around (bigger) dogs. When we picked her up from the breeders, she said she was going through a fearful phase (they took the puppies to the stables). We go on little walks and obviously meet other dogs ;) She gets skittish though and tries to hide/back away when they get...
  19. GipsyQueen

    Public transport

    For those of you who live in/near a city - when did you start training going on public transport? We'd like Chinook to not be afraid of the train/bus/Subway etc. I'd love to start when I can still carry her on the train (Theres generally a pretty big gap between the train and the platform)...
  20. GipsyQueen

    Chinook's Puppy picture thread.

    Well now that we've actually picked a puppy - she needs a picture thread ;) She comes home in about 1.5 weeks! So, without further ado - introducing Chinook (Chinook is her reg. name) :)