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    I've met some neat people here, but some of you have really confirmed my distrust of forums - I appreciated your support when our dog was ill but I don't need to answer to a bunch of strangers about how we run our rescue. If that makes me rude/arrogant, whatever. But to hear people say our...
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    Dew Claws??

    So we have a purebred Dobie pup at our rescue, she's not quite 6mos. of age. She has front dew claws but not rear ones. And we've chosen an adopter - I think - they emailed today asking if we could have her dew claws removed! I told her no, absolutely not! For gosh sake, it's an amputation...
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    Conan's improving!

    I'm sure you can see from the pics - the transfusion worked wonders! Bright eyed and bushy tailed "Can't you do something about the paparazzi...??" Libby has an ow... She thinks if she licks her left arm, her right will feel better, I guess Veronica inspects the damage...
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    Since I never post pics...

    Here's a few I took today - first one of Conan in his pen, looking a little rough. His eyes are still bright, but he's tired. These are a few of our foster dogs, first is Venus, a purebred Dobie who is 5mos. of age. I really love her deep rich coloration. I had to buy her from this idiot...
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    Layla's new Poochie Couture tag!

    Layla's new Poochy Couture tag! So I ordered Layla a PoochyCouture by PoochyCouture on Etsy dog tag and it arrived yesterday. I hope you can read it - it says "My mom sez I'm Speshul" Another pic of her just because
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    Pebbles emergency this evening

    Earlier this evening, Pebbles threw up, and then threw up again. It was 5 and we were getting ready to leave so had started dinnertime earlier than usual (usual is 6:30pm). This has happened before around dinner time occasionally with one or another of our dogs so I thought nothing of it. They...
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    Special Needs Dachshund foster

    We got in this pup last week and I thought I'd share her here...maybe get some thoughts on her situation. First off she's drop dead beautiful. But she's a bucket of problems! Layla was being dumped on Craigslist. I saw an ad for "albino Dachshund" and my heart went out to this poor...
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    Libby's new collar and tag

    Well I've never shared yet in the photo section so here goes... My girl Libby will be 9yr. old this spring. I got her a collar from Lucy's Dog House when we won a gift cert. Here, she's showing it off, and her Poochycouture tag that says Queen B. Here you can see the collar, it's by...
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    Help, what Mp3 player to get??

    My son (now 18, has LD) wants an MP3 player for Christmas. Just about anything slightly nicer than an Ipod Shuffle will do. But I want to get him something nicer (not necessarily an Ipod) yet sturdy and that won't break within a week. Please recommend one for me! I was looking at this...
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    Funny story about my phone

    So I got a Samsung Meserize, a touch screen phone. It's all such new technology and I'm learning as I go of course. It has voice-to-text typing, so you speak into the phone and it's amazingly accurate. We have been bottle-feeding this litter of two puppies and this morning I was telling...
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    Pebbles in Heat

    Remind me to never let another girl go through this! This is Pebbles 2nd week of her heat cycle. I could have had another baby and raised it easier than this!! Well...maybe not...?? I'm seriously having to powder and diaper her every hour or so, when she goes outside or rips the stupid...
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    Breed guesses!!

    Okay remember the Sarcoptic puppy I was asking about?? Here he is. This is representative of 1 month in ISO and still treating with Ivermectin to be sure. But I don't know what he is. I have a guess but want to get you guys' impressions! (sorry, I cropped my thumb out of the way...
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    Tristan's in The Doghouse!!

    Lucy's Doghouse that is! I've never won one of these before so keeping our paws and fingers crossed here! Lucy's Dog House's Photos - December Photo and Story Contest | Facebook Please "LIKE" Lucy's Doghouse then Comment or LIKE Tristan's pic and story! Thank you!
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    Sarcoptic mange?

    We got a puppy foster in two weeks ago, with Sarcoptic mange (very bad case). I treated him with .05 Ivermectin two days in a row then waited until yesterday and did a dose again yesterday and one today. I bathed him with Ectosoothe just in case that might help too. Oh and two weeks ago, upon...
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    Sarcoptic mange

    We got a puppy foster in two weeks ago, with Sarcoptic mange (very bad case). I treated him with .05 Ivermectin two days in a row then waited until yesterday and did a dose again yesterday and one today. I bathed him with Ectosoothe just in case that might help too. Oh and two weeks ago, upon...
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    Woke up to Pebbles coughing

    Our youngest, Pebbles, is coughing, I woke up to the sound of it. It's so strange, it sounds like a human cough as opposed to the dry hacking typical of KC. Not only that, we haven't had KC for weeks and no dogs have come in from shelters to carry it in. She has also vomited up phlegm a...
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    Our foster dog, Copper

    <a href=''><img src='' id='_r_a_4160285696' title="I sez... this be MY AAAGATOR!!!" alt="I sez... this be MY AAAGATOR!!!" /></a> Thought you'd...
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    Something is really wrong with Luke

    Luke is our GSD (see my intro for pics) Dog profile for Luke , a male German Shepherd/Dutch Shepherd I don't know where to begin...well, we have suspected something was wrong with Luke, but last night he started vomiting. He's been "off" for about 2 weeks now, he hasn't felt well since...
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    Doberman Puppy parvo surrender

    We got a call this afternoon about a Dobie puppy at the clinic, his owner couldn't afford the parvo treatment. But - the backstory is, the owner had a female puppy who actually did survive parvo but apparently infected the ground all over, over there, so our vet told him not to breed her, he...
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    Handmade Dog tags

    For those of us who can't really afford a lot of Fetching Tags, I've found a lot of neat tags on Etsy! Check these out- View Hand Stamped Pet Tags by veryvintage on Etsy Just search for dog tags in Handmade and find all kinds of awesome stuff!