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  1. Willow0709

    Outside access when no one is home?

    No , our dogs never have access to the outside when we are not home . I prefer them indoors crated where I know they are safe and out of trouble . I should ad that I'm home most of the day anyway so they are rarely crated for more than a few hours at most . We live on a busy main road in a...
  2. Willow0709

    Supplements for Dogs

    I give Nupro joint support and Recovery SA , once daily following the maintenance dosage
  3. Willow0709

    Yet another mystery mutt

    APBT x Beagle
  4. Willow0709

    Toy's for Pit Bull?

    All the toys from West Paw Design are guaranteed . The Nylabone Big Chew Dina Bone and Galileo Bone are very durable . Stuffed Kongs are good , best if the dog is unable to get the smallest part to the back of their jaw . I like the Canine Genius toys but not sure how they'd stand up to a very...
  5. Willow0709

    "Whatchu haz fur me???"

    OMG Love the ears!!! What a cutie
  6. Willow0709

    My Boy Sarge

    Thanks for the comments . Here is a picture of him at his most recent show .
  7. Willow0709

    My Fathers New Puppy

    My father has been searching for another dog for a while now . We picked up this little sweetheart today . My dad hasn't met her yet but is super excited . He says she looks like she stuck her face in a paint bucket . She's predominantly German Shepherd but can you guess what she is mixed...
  8. Willow0709

    What dog breed are YOU?

    Apparently I'm a AiredaleTerrier and hubby a Braque Du Bourbonnails
  9. Willow0709

    Multiple dog question....

    When we are not home Sarge , Luka and Heidi are crated and April and Rory are loose . Honestly they would most likely be fine I just feel better knowing they are safe in their crates and out of trouble .
  10. Willow0709

    Lets see your doggies parents!

    Sarge Can.Ch.Tradonalee's Stars Of Vannassau + Am Can Ch Aracrest's Rewynd Holly Lane = Luka Can.Ch.Tradonalee's Stars Of Vannassau + Am Can Ch Summer's Blackjack Of Shadigee SOMC = April Can.Ch.Vannassau's Poetry In Motion + Can.Ch.Tricker's Classic Victory SOMC Can...
  11. Willow0709

    My Boy Sarge

    Thanks for the comments . Here are a few more pic's of some of the other pups . Luka Luka and Heidi Rory attempting to sit on top of Luka
  12. Willow0709

    My Boy Sarge

    A few shots of my boy Sarge Sarge and his younger half sister Luka
  13. Willow0709

    Choose one from each group!

    Sporting: German Shorthaired Pointer Hound: Blue Tick Coonhound Herding: Belgian Malinois Toy: Papillon Terrier: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Non-Sporting: Boston Terrier [B]Working: Alaskan Malamute
  14. Willow0709

    Crazy Border Collie Owners

    I always get "you must have acreage" or "do you live on a farm"? comments .
  15. Willow0709

    Do your dogs wear collars all the time? and what kind of collar?

    Almost never . When we walk them we use british style slip leads . The only time they have collars on is when we go hiking or walking off leash then they have a flat collar with a bear bell and pull tab .
  16. Willow0709

    Prefurred Pet Supply ~ Sale Oct 1st-3rd ~

    Prefurred Pet Supply , specializing in quality pet products . We're celebrating our first anniversary . All food and treats are 15% off . All toys are Buy One Get One half off . Oct 1st-3rd only . (No shipping of food/treats available to the USA)
  17. Willow0709

    Home Cooked Info ?

    Hello , I have a client with a incredibly picky 5lb Pomeranian . The dog in question is approximately five years old and in good health . She has tried every kibble under the sun , tried dehydrated raw and has recently switched to a raw diet . She tried a prepared ground raw food but her dog...
  18. Willow0709

    Can anyone tell me what mixed breed this is ?

    I see chi in there ,maybe a bit of beagle .
  19. Willow0709

    Grain free what age?

    I believe with the higher protein grainfree diets such as Evo and Orijen you want to wait till they're fully developed , so 18-24 months or so . With a lower protein grainfree diet such as the Acana provincial line or Taste of the Wild you can feed from puppy onward .