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  1. gradyupmybutt


    Both girls are gorgeous!
  2. gradyupmybutt

    Where does your dog come from?

    All my dogs have been rescues & I will continue to get a rescue dog. I'm not interested in showing so rescue here I come.
  3. gradyupmybutt

    Max Is Hurt

    ~LOL~ So true! He's going to play that card for as long as he can too. Give him so kisses from me. He's being such a brave boy.
  4. gradyupmybutt

    Darby's very first snow

    Snow snorkling! What fun. How cute is that?
  5. gradyupmybutt

    Pictures of my something new.. Starts with Bell ends with A!

    I totally agree. Lucy was a shep mix & the BEST dog in the world.
  6. gradyupmybutt

    Why do you come to chaz or back to chaz?

    I like being in the company of other dog dorks.
  7. gradyupmybutt

    Pictures of my something new.. Starts with Bell ends with A!

    Awww, She's gorgeous! She so reminds me of my heart girl. ESPECIALLY the Flying Nun ears!!!
  8. gradyupmybutt

    My lazy Sierra mutt (photographic evidence)

    I just love snuggly dogs. My heart girl was not a snuggler. Her only fault. Now I have 3 who fight over who gets to snuggle with me & DH. Can you say HEAVEN??? Give that gorgeous girl of yours a big kiss & a snuggle from me.
  9. gradyupmybutt

    A few pics of my poo-heads

    Oh my gawd! They are stunning!! Each one is more gorgeous than the other.
  10. gradyupmybutt

    My lazy Sierra mutt (photographic evidence)

    No matter what, Miss Sierra is a gorgeous girl! How is she @ snuggling?
  11. gradyupmybutt

    Bad allergy news

    Oh maaaaan. I hate to hear you have to give up the kitties. Is there anyone in your family who could take them? I'd offer but Grady would thank me for the snacks. :(
  12. gradyupmybutt

    Bad allergy news

    Oh no! How old are the kitties??
  13. gradyupmybutt

    Look Ma' No Ears !!

    Awwwwwwwwww, ears or no ears, she's a doll baby.
  14. gradyupmybutt

    I. <3. My. Dyson.

    Congrats on the new vacuum! I love my Dyson. I got my "Animal" last year for basically half price. It was used. It works great! I actually vacuum my house now. ~LOL~
  15. gradyupmybutt

    Newest Pics of Max

    ~thud~ What a CUTIE!!! I love those ears. ~swooning~
  16. gradyupmybutt

    Finally photo's of my dog

    Emma is gorgeous. Grady was wondering if she had a boyfriend. ;)
  17. gradyupmybutt


    Wow! You've been a busy lady!! McGee pictures????????????? WOOHOO!!!!!!!!
  18. gradyupmybutt

    Update on Chico's Surgery!

    I'm so glad that Chico is home.
  19. gradyupmybutt

    Lost Dog!

    Get home safely, Rambler & stop living up to your name!!