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  1. M&M's Mommy

    Please help me decide..

    whether to switch companies or not.. So, I went to interview with this company twice, the 1st time didn't get the job because I didn't want to start when they wanted me to (too soon after I had the baby). The 2nd time because they deemed I was over qualified... so about a month later, I...
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    What should we do with left over sand and pavers?

    Turned them into a sandbox, of course!! :)
  3. M&M's Mommy

    I'm backkkkk :)

    Hello everyone, I'm back!!! So I've gone missing for a while.. Does anyone miss me? :) Just realize that I need to update my signature. Baby Rosie is already 13 mo old :)
  4. M&M's Mommy

    Introducing baby Theresa Rose

    Baby Theresa Rose (Rosie) joined our family on 10/16/12 @ 2:36 a.m., 7 lbs 9oz, 19 in :). Since Katie was born via C-section, my doctor automatically assumed Rosie will, too & would like to schedule a C-section a week before the due date.. but I declined. I didn't mind having another...
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    Shortest college essay

  6. M&M's Mommy

    Help me find this children card game..

    Do you know the name of a children's card game where the object of the game is to do what the cards tell you to. For example, if one draws a card which has a picture of one kids' elbow touching another kid's a head, then one would have to try to place that card between his elbow & his...
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    Funny videos

    If you want some good laughs, Go here
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    a little fun game to kill time :) So how many apple can you catch? if you're in your 20, you should catch at least 70 apples 30 --60 apples 40 --50 apples 50 --40 apples 60 --30 apples and so on.. Have fun! :D
  9. M&M's Mommy

    Missy & Mocha's pics

    My new favorite pic of Missy. I'm very happy I could capture a piece of her playful, energetic personality (and her beautiful ears!) on camera! A happy little girl! It's very hard getting a good picture of Missy because she's always on a move... Here I held her ball long enough to get her...
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    Calling all pregnant Chazers: Post your belly pics!!

    Here's mine. Half way through, another half to go :)
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    Britain got talent - dancing with a dog
  12. M&M's Mommy

    Amazon Prime Membership

    Does anyone have one? Do you think it worths it?
  13. M&M's Mommy

    Are we gonna have a boy, or another girl??

    Well, we'll find out this afternoon. I'm sooooo excited!!!!
  14. M&M's Mommy

    Nikon D40

    Up until now I only have p&s cameras... but I think I need a faster camera to catch up to the little ones :) Do you think this is a good buy? Thx!
  15. M&M's Mommy

    Katie & her doggies

    Who needs toys when you have a box and a dog to push around? Kisses Hugs Games Missy's turn More hugs and kisses (Katie has the cutest kissy face ever! :)) Muffin was grumpy and refused to take any parts in this game. Her idea of fun is to sit on my lap...
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    Do you get it?

    This may take a couple minutes to "get" so don't spoil it for others when you do -- just let us know that you get it, but no give aways in the comments please!
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    What's the best place to buy bullysticks online?

    Is there a good online store to buy bullysticks/chew stuffs? I run out of them & need to buy some more... I always bought it at a local store, but they recently renovated and after they finished, they raised the prices for everything :( I guess they're trying to get the money back, but I don't...
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    Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby girl!

    Two years ago today at 7:05 pm Hubby & I welcomed the most amazing person in our lives. Our baby girl Katarina Bao-An had finally decided she was ready to join our family and bring us all the joy in the world. We're so thankful God has entrusted us with the great blessing & responsibility of...
  19. M&M's Mommy

    Treats dispenser

    Katie's doing what she does best: dispensing treats to her 3 best friends :)