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  1. puppydog

    Could use the most powerful vibes there are. Chaz vibes.

    I'm going through a pretty crappy time of late. Things have not been going my way and I'm starting to worry there is a problem. Without going into massive detail here because of wanting to keep my life private from internet stalkers, I just need all the vibes I can get right now. You...
  2. puppydog

    Opinions. Am I blood thirsty?

    Last night someone broke into our house. The alarm went off and Paul dashed downstairs to find him rifling through the kitchen drawers looking for a knife (we have some BIG knives). Paul chased him and he took off with my handbag (containing everything I own) and Pauls Nikon SLR. I found out...
  3. puppydog


    Lilly let me know she was tired this morning. Her battle with renal failure was over and she wanted to be free. We let her go at 15.05. She passed peacefully in my arms with her family near her. Thank you for being my best friend for 7 years my special little lady. Run free.
  4. puppydog

    Dear Lilly

    Don't you ever pull this sh1t ever again. How very dare you make me think I will wake up and find you dead. I live and breath for you. You are in big trouble Missy!! The end Love Mommy
  5. puppydog

    Necrotic tongue?

    Lilly has been slightly off colour since Christmas day. I took her in to the vet yesterday and she had some bad spinal pain. I started her on Rimadyl and there was some slight improvement. She was still off this morning and her breath smelled awful. I opened her mouth and her tongue looked...
  6. puppydog

    Vibes for Riley

    She has been very sick for a week now. Vomiting, cramping and diarrhoea. She has had fluid treatment, synulox, pedelyte, prokolin, ulsanic and clopomon. She will improve and relapse, improve and relapse. We are thinking pancreatitis or gastritis but it is not resolving. Today she is...
  7. puppydog

    Travis goes in for a neuter tomorrow.

    We have decided that with our schedule regarding having kids etc. that it would not be responsible to breed them. The main motivation for breeding was to keep a puppy and now we can't do this and wouldn't be able to take puppies back if needs be it would be very, very irresponsible to breed...
  8. puppydog

    Die Antwoord. Market opinion.

    I hear they have gone viral in the States which really interests me as they are a performance art duo outlining all that is seriously gross about South Africas white "lower class". Have you heard of them, what are your thoughts and do you love them as much as I do? For those the don't...
  9. puppydog

    Well. I got the rat

    We have had a rat in our house for over a year. It has got huge and brazen. It had got to the point where it was a major problem. We had tried humane traps and not so humane traps. It was too clever for traps. We were in a Chinese shop the other day and bought rat pads. Those sticky...
  10. puppydog

    Pointless pondering (breeding related)

    I know there is no way to know for sure and no way to prove my theory but hey. Riley always stands for up to 20 days. She started standing on Thursday and I allowed them together on Saturday. They have been at it basically non stop since then. This morning I noticed her swelling has gone...
  11. puppydog

    I'm married to an old man

    Paul turned 40 today! I can't believe it! Happy birthday my angel.
  12. puppydog

    Look what I did!

    I'm so proud of myself! I have not sewn in years and this is the first thing I have made with my new set up. SOOOOOO cute
  13. puppydog

    Sometimes people are SO hurtful

    You know, I am aware he was up at the crack of dawn and in the office before 5am. I am aware he is stressed and has a lot on his plate right now. But really, when I proudly show him something I made and he shows zero interest and then makes fun of the fact that I like to sew it hurts! Its not...
  14. puppydog

    Sneaky. very sneaky.

    Went bed last night with a slight tickle in my throat and woke up with a debilitating chest infection. Ouch.
  15. puppydog


    How is it that I am supposed to pay the price of loosing a shift at work because the office manager cocked up the calender? I was set to work the PM shift and I get called NOW and told I am working the AM shift! I then get told if I can't make the AM shift I loose it! Not only is that...
  16. puppydog

    Can you say PUPPIES?????

    Riley came into heat today. Let the count down begin. We will be keeping one and have a full waiting list for up to 8 pups.
  17. puppydog

    Sewing People

    Pics of my brand new sewing room! Sewing/Cutting table with thread holder. This usually holds my Empisal overlocker and Singer domestic but they are off on a service. The new love of my life. An industrial straight stitcher. Gift from most generous husband. Close up...
  18. puppydog

    Sewing people

    My awesome, amazing and wonderful husband bought me a Sanggong industrial straight stitcher. :D What should my first project be?
  19. puppydog

    Cloth Diapers

    All those Chazzers that use cloth diapers, what are your favorites? Why are they your favorites and what makes a good cloth diaper? I know there are different styles and types, the AIO seems to be the general favorite for being "Daddy Friendly" and easy to use. I am researching so I can...
  20. puppydog

    Riley is a bitch

    Riley has always been super rough and domineering with Travis. She beats him regularly :rofl1: Today, just before work I hear a crash and a scream. I run downstairs and see what is happening. Travis is sitting there spitting out blood. Riley had body checked him and he hit the patio...